Thursday, July 9, 2009

Baby DIVA Scores...Denim

We visited out fabulous and fun favorite thrift store yesterday and picked up some awesome deals. Baby DIVA totally scored. She received 3 new pairs of jeans, 2 new denim skirts, 10 pairs of pants, 2 new twirlyish skirts, and two bags of toys all for the bargain of $22!!!

Now here is the really cool part. I pink hair momma'd my way through my fabulous thrift shop about 2 or 3 weeks ago. I came across these really super dog cute pair of jeans from the children's place. A quick scan of the pants revealed they were in perfect condition. The only flaw...Baby DIVA would not be able to wear them for another year...or so. Anyway they were marked for 8 bucks and I decided if I got them that they would probably end up in the closet, forgotten, lost little souls of denim, and never be worn by Baby DIVA. Back on the shelf they went. I thought about them many times since we went our separate ways. Told the Hubbs-to-be about them in fact. Regretted my decision. Well imagine the jump for joy yippee that belted from this Pink Haired Momma's soul when I found those same jeans today hidden in Baby DIVA's section and marked down to 2 BUCKS!!! $2 I tell you!! I totally snagged them! Love em. I don't care if she never wears them! They are fabulous and I will frame them because I conquered fate! The Jeans are ours for 2 BUCKS!!!

So you wanna see the jeans that caused all this excitement????? Here is a quick snapshot of Baby DIVA's steals in the denim category!

Can you guess which pair it is that just drove me to such insanity that I yelped HOORAY in the thrifty store?


  1. SOOO CUTE!! But, NO I can't guess which pair, so tell me!

  2. OMG i would have been so excited too! I love when i find such great deals at the thrift store!

  3. They were meant to be yours...and at a lower price to boot! Congrats!

  4. We are so loving the jeans...all of them...but the special ones are the pair in the front left corner!! woohoo love them!!


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