Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tuesday Tidbit

I couldnt resist this funny video that just happens to cover the topic I am discussing for our Tuesday Tidbit. You see I have become quite interested in reuse, recycle, renew living. And since this interest has blossomed I have been collecting toilet paper rolls with the foresight that I will be making crafts or the like with them ( in all my Pink Haired Momma free time LOL). This week I have been spending some time looking for ideas and inpsiration on what to do with my collection of toilet paper rolls and I have found some great ideas of inspiration.

Idea of inspiration #1 Start Seedlings

Being that I grew some little green leaves that I like to call a garden of my own this year, I find this reuse for a toilet paper roll fabulous. Not only does it provide a nice structure for little baby plants but it is a cheap, easy and good for the earth way to keep those babies growing. And since we all use plenty of toilet paper we all have plenty of potential seed growers!!!

Idea of inspiration #2 Cord holder

This is just so simple and so cheap. I actually saw this picture in Real Simple Magazine not long ago. I thought that this is a great way to keep all those cords tucked in and out of the way. It also could be a fabulous kid craft project that is inexpensive. You get the kiddo's together and let them decorate a toilet paper roll for say grandpa. Then they can give grandpa a super cute gift made with lots of love and GLITTER, by the kids cord holder that he can actually use!! And it is way cheap! So Fabulous!!!


  1. Oh, I LOVE the seed idea! And since there is no real bottom, you get plenty of drainage!

    I'd love to have you do a guest blog! Just let me know when you have a subject picked out, and then shoot me an email with the post when it's complete. I'll post it during Oct. with a link back to your blog.

    Mrsbbradley AT gmail DOT com

    When you email, please also include your blog address - sometimes my feeble mind can't connect email addresses with blogs, lol!


    Almost forgot - that sounds like the coolest wedding EVER! I hope you're going to post lots of pictures!

  2. mrsb!
    I will be getting in contact with you via email!! Woohoo! thanks!
    I will be posting lots of pics. And the plan is to actually take my little laptop with me and blog from "inside the wedding"!!


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