Sunday, July 12, 2009

Dream Travel in an RV: Where would you go?

As you know NBC has taken over my Dream Travel in and RV weekly post for a while. They have brought to our living rooms my dream come true in their new reality show. So while this show is airing I will take a brief break from my own personal virtual RV tour of offbeat America and recap this show. How fabulous is that! Pink Haired Momma reviews her dream vacation from the comfort of her Hot pink couch!!
Did you watch the pilot of the new RV show The Great American Road trip? What did you think? Let me know you honest thoughts. If you missed it you can view it by clicking the link below:

Pilot Episode
So basically 7 families gathered together and were each given keys their own RV and told Have fun you will traveling the country with your family in this tin can. The show revolves around the 7 families competing with each other against the clock and through family involved challenges. Some challenges result in cool prizes while others are "end of the road" challenges that send one RV rolling the family back to their home and out of the competition. The pilot episode introduced each family and gave us a glimpse into their personalities of the families as a whole as well as some insight into the personalities of each individual family member. The premise of the show and the game were revealed in the pilot in the classic nifty reality show fashion and we were able to see that the outcome will provide one family the title of ultimate winner and they will receive the grand prize of $100,000 if they complete all the challenges and cross the country ahead of the other families. Pretty basic show. Honestly nothing to be too excited about thus far. I have to say I was a bit disappointed, but am I am taking my Pink Haired Momma optimistic attitude and hoping for the best with the next show on Tuesday at 8/7pm central on NBC.

Let's talk about the families. We have 7 families each with 4 members. The ages vary but they are all of competitive ages and skills.

The Coote Family: To me this family seems to be your average American family. Mom and dad both work their tails off to provide a wonderful life for their children. Both kids are spoiled but for the most part are well mannered, at least so far. Jake is a riot. He is such a ham and cracks me up. I adore his scratchy voice and think it just adds fabulousness to his personality. They seem to work well together as a family and they won the first challenge. Reward being a fabulous dinner over the Mississippi river. Way to go Fantastic four!!

The DiSalvatore Family: Wow. What a tough Mom we have here. Dad is a classic 80's dude who does NOTHING to help the family. Well he does drive the RV but Mom has to start it for him because he can not figure it out. Ummm that is a bit scary!! I do have to admit I was cracking up when the Dad was hunting for a place to "lounge" while Mom was cleaning the poop out of the RV! Classic! As a mom and wife to be I know that this is pretty much a common event! LOL I love that this family is from Yonkers, New york. I think it is fitting because this crazy dad is borderline BONKERS!!

The Favery Family: I like the attitude of this family. To me they really represent the current American family right now. They struggle each month to make ends meet but still want to give the world to their kids. This RV vacation is something they would not be able to normally embark upon, so this Reality show is providing a much needed vacation to this hardworking family as well as allowing the parents to show their children the world they would not ordinarily be able to show them.

The Katzenberg Family: This is your typical blended family. Mom meets dad and falls in love. Big rock appears and a marriage ensues. Followed by boy and girl kids of each parent becoming new brother and sister during teenage years. They bicker with one another but for the most part get along. This seems like a very high maintenance family and I would not guess that an RV would be their normal type of vacation. Unfortunately we will not be getting to know this family in more depth because they were eliminated and sent rolling home at the first "end of the road" challenge.

The Montgomery Family: I really didn't get a feel for this family. They had some camera time but for the most part seem to be a quiet family and just average during the competitions. I am hoping to get to see more into their personalities during future shows. What I did pick up on is a well rounded family who are religious in nature and seem to care deeply for one another.

The Pollard Family: These guys crack me up. They are so country and just have a fabulous attitude. This is a family I would love to hang with and drink a cold beer while singing around a campfire. They have a fabulous spunk and work really hard during the competitions. I also thought that Anslie's pink gun was hysterical!

The Rico Family: Another family I didn't really get a feel for during this first show. They had some camera time but nothing about their personalities really struck me. I sure am hoping to learn more about them in the upcoming episodes, I mean they are from my TOWN so they have to be fabulous!

The pilot is complete. We now have met the various families and have gained knowledge of how the game and show will play out. I am hoping that episode 2 sparks a little more excitement in me. I totally love the concept and I am so looking forward to seeing what Mr. DiSalvatore has in store for the RV voyage!

Who was your favorite family and why? What did you think of the challenges?


  1. I watched the pilot episode, I wasn't too impressed with it but I'll probably keep watching and hope it gets better. I don't have a favorite family yet. But I really dislike DiSalvatore family. The dads attiude is annoying and I cannot stand his accent.

  2. I am glad I am not the only one not too impressed. And i agree with you on the DiSalvatore dad. However he does add an element to that reality TV likes...drama!!


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