Thursday, July 30, 2009

Baby wearing Momma

I am a baby wearer and PROUD of it! And I love it! When Baby DIVA was a small little DIVA, wearing her close to my heart not only kept her calm and happy but me as well. First time mom craziness kept me from wanting to be any more than 2 feet away from her at anytime!

Anyway. I think all moms should at least give Baby wearing a try. It is a wonderful experience for mom and baby. It can provide an avenue for moms to bond with baby just by keeping your little close to you. It also also great for dads too. Baby wearing can also provide mom with some much needed freedom to wander about and get some things done. Baby is snuggly attached to you but your arms and hands are free to move about at your leisure. And if daddy learns to wear baby too, both mom and dad can have a bit of freedom and still allow the baby to bond and be near his or her parents.

So how does one decide which baby slinging apparatus is right for them and their babe? It all depends on the mom or dad and the child and what you will be doing while utilizing the baby sling. I personally love the Moby Wrap. I wore Baby DIVA around all the time in my Moby Wrap. It was great when I finally mastered the baby wearing. It enabled me the freedom I needed to not lose my sanity as a brand new mom. We also had a simple Baby Sling that we utilized for wearing when we needed to quickly get in and out of places. Below I have attached my favorite picture of Baby DIVA in the Moby Wrap! I just absolutely crack up laughing at her little face every time I see this!!

You might feel like Baby DIVA when you first begin to explore the baby sling and wearing possibilities. Don't worry though. If you head over to La Stella Blu you will be engaged in many possible options and can find the best baby wearing product for you.


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