Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Stomach bug and motherhood


Can I just say that being a mom, pink haired and all, and having the stomach flu are two things that should NEVER EVER happen to a women at the same time!!!!

I spent the last 24 solid hours pretending to smile in front of my sweet loving Baby DIVA, while secretly wanting to die on the inside. Baby DIVA thought it was the coolest 24 hours ever because Pink Haired goofy momma laid on the floor with her all day and "played" with her. If she only knew i was just trying to keep her entertained and quiet until Hubbs-to-be came home because the throbbing headache that accompanied the stomach bug was horrendous!! It was horrible. We laid on the floor watching Wubbzy, not the greatest for stomach bug and headache sickness, however totally fabulous Baby DIVA distractor when Pink Haired Momma sprinted to the porcelain god every 20 minutes all day. Luckily late evening I ate some chicken broth with crackers and sucked down and sprite that Hubbs-to-be brought home for me and began to feel better.

Definitely not a pairing that I ever want to repeat!! Glad Baby DIVA has a happy go lucky attitude and enjoyed her "playtime" with Pink Haired Momma on the floor!!!


  1. wait, you aren't pregnant, are you?!!?? I hope you feel better soon; we're dealing with a sick I sorta feel your pain.

  2. Glad to hear you're feeling better. That does not sound fun at all.

  3. Mandie!!
    No baby here...yet! Next spring that might just be the case!! LOL Whats wrong with your little guy??? I hope he is better soon!!

    Thank you very much. It was not fun at all then, but it is kind of funny to think back on now!!

  4. I'm sorry to hear that you aren't feeling well. I hate being sick!

  5. we've had yucky diarrhea for 5 days!! This is ridiculous!

  6. Thanks Lolly! It is so nice to be better now!!

    Oh mandie I am so sorry!! Have you guys tried pedialyte popsciles? I use those a lot for me when i have poo issues!!!


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