Monday, July 13, 2009


Have you ever noticed how a Scent can really set the tone of your day? A disgusting scent sends you through a terrible day while a fabulous or rather scent-tabulous scent defines a terrific day? Smells awaken emotions in us just like actions do. We all like to lead happy fun filled days so why not surround ourselves with a scent-tabulous aroma?!

If you happen across a yucky smell first thing in the morning it can make your tummy turn which results in a bad morning followed by an even worse day. An example of such a smell is when your hubbs-to-be forgets to take the trash out again and it really stinks when you enter the kitchen on your morning hunt for the giant cup of coffee. Something about yesterday's diapers before I have my morning cup of joe just really sets a bad tone for the day.

Now you can also have the opposite response with a fabulous Scent. Like when you awake on a Sunday morning to find baby DIVA playing in her orange corvette while Hubbs-to-be is slaving away over the stove and the delicious smell of fresh vegetables sauteed inside a freshly cooked omelet permeates the air and envelopes all your senses in dance of aromatic pleasure.

I do not know about you but I prefer the second scenario. I would rather smell some delicious Scents to help keep my mood uplifted than some stinky diaper smells that can just kill a mood instantly. And guess what? I have found a way!! And it is totally Scent-tabulous!!!!

My favorite PERFUME JaDore!!

I absolutely LOVE with a passion this perfume. It is my all time favorite. I have been adorning my body with this stuff for years. And NO it does not smell like breakfast frying away on a Sunday morning. although I do love that smell too, A lot!! The smell is somewhat floral but is incredibly elegant. Anytime I smell it my mood changes instantly and I become a happy Pink Haired Momma. I have people on the street stop me sometimes when I have adorned the delicious perfume on, and ask what scent it is that I am wearing because the hidden scents of orchids and violets chase my every move and entice their noses. The smells of Jadore is not an overwhelming scent either. It is light and airy and causes just a slight upturn of the head when you catch the soft trail of amazing smell drift past your olfactory senses. It is quite remarkable to have such a flavorful aromatic experience without being overwhelmed to the point of gagging. And also I just can not help loving this AWESOME bottle design!!! Funky, elegant, and fabulous!!

After finding out that I was going to have a child, I immediately began reserving all my fundage for "baby" things. No more money was wasted on items for me, Pink Haired Momma. I found myself reserving my daily spritz of my Jadore for "special occasions" because it would last longer that way. Well I have finally figured out that EVERY DAY is a "special occasion". Every Day is another day I get with my beautiful child. And every day is another day I NEED to be in a good mood.

Lucky for me I happened across this great scent site that has MY Jadore listed at a great price. Now I no longer have to use my favorite scent sparingly because I can get another bottle shipped right to me at a great price. You should check this site out too. They might have your favorite smell and soon you can be in a happy mood all day every day too!!


  1. one of my favorite smells is the Dolce and Gabana cologne for men! i buy it for my hubby because it just makes me smile and melt inside. And i love the estee lauder beautiful sheer perfume.
    The smell of anything vanilla puts me in a rotten mood, i hate that smell so much

  2. I am not a big fan of vanilla either! Yucky!

    Hubbs-to-be has a cologne that drives me wild. Burberry touch i think it is. and oh my goodness i could just eat him up when he wears that! Not that i dont eat him up all the time anyway!!

  3. Unfortunalely, I don't have a great sense of smell so scents dont' effect me much. I'll have to check out J'adore though! I wish we could do scratch and sniff blogs.


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