Saturday, July 11, 2009

New Addiction

I have found the item that will be my demise...

Mint Oreo Cookies!!!
Oh my I can not stop myself from eating these bad boys. They are so yummy. The mint and chocolate, two of my favorite flavors together, just melts in my mouth. You couple those flavors with the satisfaction of an Oreo and Oh my goodness MAGIC in my mouth! YUUUUUMMMM!!!
I might need to be committed soon because I am PROUD to say I am addicted!!!
Try them! Seriously! Totally Fabulous!!
I couldn't even get home from the store before I opened the package!! Not that this was my first package or anything!!


  1. Yes...I have a mint oreo habit myself. i can thank my dad for that one...he's the one who got me started on them.

  2. Jennifer they are totally fabulous! I cant stop myself!! I feel my butt growing even just thinking of them!!!


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