Saturday, July 18, 2009

White Eggplant

Okay so I cooked the White Eggplant.
I like the White eggplant very much; the recipe I used to cook this white eggplant, my first time ever, not so much.

The sauce I made for this recipe was pretty much disgusting. Poor hubbs-to-be was forcing himself to "enjoy" dinner because I was so excited to cook the white eggplant, all the while he was gagging inside. As soon as I said..."hmmm I don't think I like this sauce", Hubbs-to-be breathed a sigh of relief followed by a "thank God I don't have to eat anymore". LOL!

Needless to say it may not be our taste but others may enjoy it so if you would like to visit the recipe click here .

The presentation of this dish was really pretty so I will entertain you with a pictorial display of my first attempt to cook White Eggplant!

Table for 3: Pink Haired Momma, Hubbs-to-be and Baby DIVA
The new dish, not so yummy in my tummy!

It was very pretty! Just not so delicious!
I am on the hunt for more recipes involving white eggplant. If you know of any please feel free to email me at or just leave me a comment. I will be glad to give your recipe a try!!

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