Saturday, July 11, 2009

Treatment Saturday

I love Saturdays.

Hubbs-to-be is home from work on Saturday. Baby DIVA always behaves in the perfect baby way on Saturday (fooling her daddy in to believing she is not a total DIVA during the week work hours). Our little Pink Haired Momma threesome visits family, friends and we have fun little outings on Saturdays, usually.

Not this Saturday though. This Saturday I am trapped at home. I have an autoimmune disease known as C.I.D.P. Pink Haired Momma and this disease have known each other for almost a full decade now. We have been forced over this decade to become the best of friends and luckily have worked out a very smooth working friendship. Well about every 2 1/2 months the disease wins and Pink Haired Momma has to slow down and get an infusion of medicine that keeps Mr. C.I.D.P. from being the alpha in the relationship. Not a big deal really. I get trapped at home on my couch (and I take remote control power for the day) with an IV of meds running in through my arm to my body for a minimum of 6 hours. I get to sleep and Hubbs-to-be assumes sole care of baby DIVA and all the housely duties for the day. I honestly kind of feel like my pre baby princess self on these days. Lounging all day. Hubbs-to-be slaving away with laundry and cooking and Baby DIVA demands. Except of course for the new accessory of an IV dangling from my arm, this is like a mini vacation right here on my couch!!! Fabulous darling Fabulous! Who would have ever thought getting an infusion of meds would be a mini vacay for a Pink Haired Momma!! LOL

In baby DIVA news we have some totally awesome advancements. Last night little Miss Baby DIVA discovered she has legs and that she can use them to her advantage. UH OH!!! She lifted herself from laying on her little tummy used the side of the couch and pulled herself all the way up to a standing position with no help!! She then gave me the cutest laugh and giggle when I begin to clap for her. Dumb move on my part maybe. A clap means Baby DIVA will master this new found skill today and by afternoon will be training for her first marathon because she now understand that those new found legs help her move at lightening speed. I tried to get a quick snapshot of her and her new found talent but failed. Instead I am providing for your viewing pleasure, Baby DIVA and her Zoom Zoom maneuvers across the house of Pink Haired Momma in her orange corvette. Also included is the fabulous video of Baby DIVA and her introduction to watermelon by Pink Haired Momma's momma on July 4th!! Two Totally fabulous Baby DIVA viewings!!!

Zoom Zoom in the Orange corvette: Please note Baby DIVA just got her license!!!

Watermelon Loving


  1. She is so cute! We have the same walker for Brinley and she "drove" the same way at first. Now she's got it mastered and is ALL over the place.

    I'm really shocked about the autoimmune disease! The way you live life nobody would think you had something like that.

  2. OMG! She really gets moving in that little corvette... I am MIGHTY impressed. :)

  3. OK those 2 videos made me smile!! She is such a cutie!!!!

  4. Thanks Rikki!! I live with a disease, it does not rule my world! Without a happy attitude a disease almost always wins And I refuse to allow that to happen!!!

    Nicole: has Abby got to drive'n yet? She needs a corvette too!!!

    Thanks love to shop mom!!! I loved her eating watermelon. it is just too bad she got a tummy ache!!!


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