Monday, July 6, 2009

Laughing at Life

I would like to redirect Laughing at life this week. In order for one to really "Laugh at Life", I think you must be truly happy with yourself and who you are. While surfing the net the other day, I happened upon this great little site with a very cool explanation of FUN in life. Check it out!
Let me know what you think. And also let me know how you incorporate FUN into your life!!!


  1. I really love this! it made me really start to think long and hard about my life, i am going to incorporate these 8 principles into my life! GREAT POST!

  2. thank you I thought is was a pretty cool site too.
    I have really been working at leading a trully happy life with positive outlooks and meaning so that I can teach Baby DIVA to appreciate and respect life and all it has to offer!!!

  3. Hey - thanks for mentioning my movie!


  4. Michael: My pleasure! Great movie. I loved it!!


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