Saturday, June 13, 2009

Response to Pull Over Baby DIVA

A few days ago I posted a concerning question that I posed to various transportation agencies around Texas regarding the safety of my child during a traffic stop by police. I promised you, the reader, I would update you as responses were received and given to me the Pink Haired Momma. I received the first response yesterday from the Texas Department of Transportation. Although the response is welcomed and I am happy that my voice was in fact heard, I feel it does not get me any further to an answer to my concerns. I would like to hear what your thoughts are on this concern as well as the response I received from the Texas Department of Transportation. As to not taint your own individual thoughts I will wait and post my personal response at a later time.

Here is a copy of email received:

Ms. (Pink Haired Momma),
There are no state statutes that cover the scenario you provided. When stopped by an emergency vehicle, drivers are required to pull to the right and stop. Common sense yields that the location of the stop should be in a safe area. Many agencies conduct traffic stops on freeways on the shoulder. However, I’m sure those officers would prefer to be in a safer location during the stop. As long as the nearest exit is used and you make your intentions to the officer as clear as possible as you’ve suggested, I believe you will be ok. It is up to the discretion of each officer to decide if the driver is attempting to evade arrest or attempting to find a safe place to stop.

Another suggestion would be to obey all of the traffic laws and, therefore, never provide an opportunity to placed in this situation.

I wish you safe travels for you and your child.

Texas Highway Patrol


  1. Hahahahahha.... that last paragraph is too funny. "Another suggestion is to obey the law". LOL! Apparently you pressed his buttons.

  2. I think I did press some buttons...and I am still pressing!!!


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