Monday, June 29, 2009

Follow that Bundt

The other day I was blogstalking while Baby DIVA was napping ( I should have been cleaning or cooking or some other domestic duty, but as we all know this Pink Haired Momma is a little challenged it that area, and just plain doesn't like to do it). So back to my Blogstalk adventure, I happened upon the Crafty Chica and her fabulous blog. She had just posted a blogpost about this really cool little cupcake she made known as the Tie Dye cupcake. I was immediately intrigued and felt the need to explore this post and blog in more depth. Upon further investigation I was hooked and became a follower of the Crafty Chica!

Then today I became a follower of the Tie Dye cupcake...with my special Pink Haired Momma twist. Let me show you...

Although this pan caught my attention while rumaging through my baking cabinet (who knew what goodies I had hidden in this cabinet! A little adventure inside itself transpired on this search!) this morning for this tie dye rendezvous, I decided to go with this option,

The Mini Bundt instead.

I took the easy route, of course The Pink Haired Momma route, and mixed up some pre-made yellow cupcake mix. A little egg, a little water and Poof I am Martha Stewart BABY!!!Then I took these snazzy little bowls I have hiding away in the cabinets and poured equal amounts of the yellow cupcake mix into the little snazz bowls.

And then it was time for COLOR!!!! Yipppeee!!! Pink Haired Momma excitement time!
I opted for only the finest in colors, the NEON shades of Hot Pink, Vibrant Blue, Fabulous Lime Green, and Astonishing Purple. A few splashes of food color to the little snazz bowls and a good stir by my super Pink Haired Momma kitchen spoon and

Magic in a snazz bowl


So now I am all colored up in my snazzy little bowls; so I pull out the mini bundt pan and get to pouring in the NEON mess. No real rhyme or reason to my pouring madness, just filling up the bundt.

Place bundt into the oven...
Waiting and drooling for a taste...

Finally complete!!

I may not be the greatest at Bundt removal...I broke one....

So I ate it so no one would know!!!

Yum Yum
And now I am torn, Do I ice them? Or sift powder sugar on them? or eat them all before Hubbs-to-be gets home from work?


  1. Those came out so good! I love the shade of purple that you acheived! OK, now I want to make them again!!! Yummy, great job!
    Peace, love, and glitter!
    Kathy :-)

  2. OK i am SOOOOO going to be making these sometime soon in the future! they look so CUTE!!! oh and just wait until you get married you will get TONS of things for the kitchen that you will put away in a cabnet and find like a year latter and never even remember that you had it in the first place. I have so much stuff that never gets used!

  3. Those are so cool. I think powdered sugar would look grand on them. What did you end up doing?

  4. Thanks Crafty Chica! without you they never would have been!!!

    Lovetoshopmom I am looking so forawrd to wedding prizes that will collect dust. Is that like super bad of me to be excited to register??

    Hibiscus mooon! I ate them no icing and no sugar. Saved one to show hubbs-to-be, then ate it too!! LOL

  5. Hi...stopping over from The Mom Blogs...this is such a sweet idea..I must try this out for my 3yr old!

    P.S. Come bunny hop over to and enter 2 great giveaways (win a great Dr Hippo book for your little one and a great sleeve for your laptop!)


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