Saturday, January 10, 2009

Tired and being cooped up in the house for so long we took Amelia to the mall today and wandered around for hours. I hit up every single baby, child, motherish store i could find. I got some great outfits for Amelia for now and next winter for $3 each. Thanks Old Navy and The Children's Place!!! Daddy hit up all the gamer stores. Amelia snoozed in her stroller...except for the screech she alerted us with when her diaper was about to explode of green nastiness. I don't know which is worse though her diapers or public diaper changing areas. UGH!!

So while at the mall daddy and I encountered some massage therapists that had their massage chairs set up. 30 minutes and $24 later we both had 15 minutes each of back, neck and arm massage. What a wonderful idea this is!!! Man these people must seriously just watch for parents to walk by with a stroller carrying a little tiny offspring and attack them. It is like dangling meat in front of a lion!! New parents who are sleep deprived will jump at any opportunity to catch even just 15 minutes of relaxation. So Yep we fell for their little gimmick and It was by far the greatest 15 minutes of the day...that was until we found the photo booth!!!

Yep we climbed in there and took pics with Amelia. She was not impressed at all. We laughed our butts off!! You know it cracks me up. When you are a teenager and super cool hanging out at the mall those photo booths are the best. You sneak in there with your teenage boyfriend and take pics to capture your love and silliness. Then you grow up some more and pass the booths for several years without thinking twice about the memory they provide. Then you give birth and you are taken back to nostalgia period and want to capture the love and silliness again. Ain't life grand!!!

To celebrate our greatness and triumph at the mall and photo booth excursion we dined at the Rainforest Cafe. Very cool atmosphere. We are looking forward to taking Amelia there again when she is much bigger.

In other news I am one week down on my resignation working period and one week down training for my at home job. I am excited about both. Looking very forward to losing the day job. Daddy is picking his photography hobby up again. He was on hiatus for quite some time but it seems as though his passion for photography is returning. In fact as we speak he is doing a photo shoot with a sleeping Amelia Grace!! And Yes you heard that right...she is sleeping!!! Woohoo!!!!

So now I will leave you with this video. All I will say is New House. Every man and woman's dream!!!


  1. Yay for a good shopping trip! We did the same thing yesterday! Isn't it awesome how you just put them in their little car seat and they fall right asleep?

  2. YAY for Amelia! I'm glad she is back to sleeping.


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