Thursday, December 17, 2009

Let the Tantrums begin

I have mentioned before that before I was graced with the fabulous career of motherhood, I used to be an avid reader. Now knee deep in the midst of mommahood, I am forced to enjoy books on a few page basis as I grab a moment alone on the toilet...whenever alone in the pot actually happens. Yes it is true that instead of the book stacks upon the bedside table, in my house you can find stacks of books on the back of the toilet, along with a few parenting magazines as well. Fascinating stuff!

The other day I was reading a page or so in the quiet of the potty room, in my favorite parenting book What to Expect the First Year . I do reference this fabulous book despite Baby DIVA now being a big girl and almost hitting that 1 year and 1 month old marker!! So, I am reading a section about 12-13 months babes and how they may begin to start exhibiting tantrum type behavior. I chuckled to myself and thought, "thank goodness Baby DIVA does not behave in the manner". Boy am I an idiot.

I kid you not, 5 minutes after I chuckled those thoughty words in my happy little mind, Baby DIVA learned the art of tantrum throwing and has not stopped YET. She finds this amusing and is involving the entire city in her new ambitious goal of humiliating momma! Not to mention she is driving Pink Haired Momma crazy with her ridiculous behavior. These tantrums can strike at any time and any place. She has no mercy for them. no warning. No manners. The kitchen of our home, the crib at 3am, the check out line at walmart, eating out at a restaurant with grandma. It is AWFUL. Seriously kid! Just because I did not give you that french fry does not then open the door for you to scream and wail and act a fool. WOW! Must come from daddy because I mean I never behave in that way (those of you who know me personally may now step away from your computer and laugh hysterically for about 5 minutes, I will be here upon return. GO)

Baby DIVA throws the biggest tantrum of the day at bed time. It is a full out throw yourself down and scream and moan and groan and whimper and WaWaWa all the way till you can not hold your eyes open anymore fiasco EVERY single night (for the last 4 days). We are not giving in. She is not giving in. I feel that the stubbornness in this family may kill us all.

Tantrum stage must end soon, please!!! We are of course being the ever most responsible follow the rule parents and we are not responding to this behavior at all. We are allowing her to tantrum throw and not receive any of the positive or negative attention she is reaching for with these outbursts, but it ain't easy!

Tantrum throwing while asleep and with chupy in her mouth!!


  1. Yup we've been there and boy is it fun!

  2. Yes, bedtime can be the most difficult. It was for us until we came up with that game I posted weeks back. If you want to reference it, the post is called Bedtime and Baby Games. For us it works but I know our days are numbered seeing as my daughter is now going on 4. I couldn't get your comments to work for me so posted as anonymous but it's Menopausal New Mom

  3. Thank goodness they call them stages for a reason - they do move on. Hugs and keep being the outstanding parent that you are.

  4. We are going through the same thing here. The worst is when she does it when I'm trying to run errands. Back arching, screaming, hysterics because I won't let her walk barefoot on the sidewalk or gutter or public restroom.

  5. I too loved that book but please read it with an open mind.

    My oldest never had tantrums and we thought we were so lucky. Then the twins came along...wowsers.

  6. fun. My two year old is going through a screaming stage. Lots of fun. But, this to will pass (I promise). Now your mommy time-outs will really be needed LOL
    Good luck and Happy Holidays :-)

  7. Oh my! That is something else when they can throw tantrums in their sleep. LOL.

    I love the red shoes, too. Thanks for popping over!

  8. Totally going through that right now..ugghhhh

  9. So I guess you don't want me to tell you that my three-year-old can still throw down a mean tantrum? Okay. I'll keep that to myself.

  10. Let me just say you are NOT ALONE!!!
    Wishing you a happy holiday. So glad to have "met" you!!!


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