Friday, December 11, 2009

Naked Baby

Baby DIVA has yet again graced me with a new found skill. I am not quite sure if I should do some jumps of joy jumping jacks in utter excitement for this skill. Although I am thrilled to add to Baby DIVA's repertoire of fabulous skills, this one just irks me.

Baby DIVA has officially developed the awareness that there is a fluffy little contraption that covers her tush, and it has these really snazzy "removable" stickers. She thinks this fluffy toy is the only toy in the world, at least in the wee hours of the day.

Yep. Naked Baby.
Baby DIVA removes her diaper at will.

Not a so proud momma when you happen to find Baby DIVA hovering over her mattress canvas. So I twirled my Pink Haired locks around my finger, got some advice from a Friend and begin to put the fluffy contraption on backwards in the most often abused "removal" time periods aka overnight.

She is my child.
She is not stupid.

She just simply reached towards her tush and pulled on her toy stickers. I can almost see the look of sarcasm and accomplishment in my mind that must have enhanced her sweet face as this discovery of reaching backwards and removing the diaper came to her developing mind.

Yep. Naked Baby.
Yep. An unscheduled load of laundry and cleaning festival ensued.
Yep. Pink Haired Momma not impressed.

I guess I should be incredibly excited that Baby DIVA has the knowledge, comprehension and dexterity to pull off such a fabulous stunt. But honestly, it just makes my eyes roll as she giggles and dances around with her naked Butt!


  1. Thankful for healthy kids and great memories! Enjoy these moments, as a Mom to teens, I can tell you they grow up VERY, VERY fast! Cute post!

  2. LOL - she is already out thinking you momma. You are in deep doo-doo (pun intended)

  3. Ha ha! Acacia does that too, but not as often (it sounds like). Acacia does refuse to wear socks...which wouldn't be to bad if it wasn't winter in NC LOL.
    Have a good weekend with your naked baby :-)

  4. Awww, that's just too darn cute. LOL.

  5. P.S. You have to change your sidebar because it still says Hubbs-to-be.


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