Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Breakfast

Last year on Christmas morning, H4L and shared the joy and magic of gazing at our beautiful bundle of joy, Baby DIVA and her fabulous exactly 4 week old little self. We basked in the glory and happiness that she was healthy and thriving despite being born exactly a month before she was due, Yep you read that correct. Baby DIVA was in fact scheduled to make her big debut on Christmas Day, however she arrived in the nick of time for turkey day instead.

Christmas morning brought us 3 hour feedings, lots of dirty diapers, and two stumbling adults still trying to piece together how parenting a newborn works. This year things are quite different. We have a toddler, not a newborn infant. The tree is up and the house has been thrown up upon by all the crazy Christmas decor. The gifts are all wrapped and snug under the tree. The stockings are hung and ready to be filled. Santa has made contact and assured us that the assembled toys (got to love that frustration free packing) will be nestled precisely under the tree upon the waking of Baby DIVA on Christmas morning. There is just one little tid bit of final formalities we need to firm up.

H4L and I are trying to pick out a traditional food we will devour on Christmas morning. H4L is quite partial to French Toast, so I have found several routes for this feat. Here are the 3 choices:

I now ask for your opinion on which route we should go. I would also love to hear about you. Do you eat a certain something special on Christmas morning? Why do you eat it? Is there a story behind your yummies or are you like H4L and I, and you and your family just chose something delicious to devour on this magical morning?


  1. The overnight apple french toast sounds SOOOO good! We don't have a traditional breakfast food or anything, we just eat what sounds good.

  2. I'm not a fan of overnight French toast, so I say go to Cinnabon and buy a bunch of cinnamon rolls, then you can warm and ice them in the morning :) Our tradition is to host Christmas brunch every year. The bestest part of it is our homemade egg nog ice cream that we turn into shakes to go along with all the morning foods.

  3. My mom makes an overnight blueberry french toast that is amazing! But I usually skip it for her homemade cinnamon rolls. I just can't give up eating one of those as soon as we get to her house!

  4. Overnight apple french toast sounds good to me. I'll be over on Christmas morning! We're more of a pancakes and bacon at our house.

    Merry Christmas!

  5. I think you should rotate them every year! As long as it's some kind of French Toast, but start with the overnight one because I've always wanted to try that one.

  6. I agree with the previous comment, you should rotate them. Maybe that would be your new tradition, to try a new french toast recipe every Christmas :) We are sticking with the typical eggs/hashbrowns/sausage breakfast but my husband LOVES his Grandma's old monkey bread recipe, so I will probably surprise him with that as well :)


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