Monday, December 28, 2009

I am a ONE MINUTE WRITER winner!

I am totally shocked and honored to tell you about an award I won this last week. As you know, I enjoy writing. I periodically try and do writing exercises to aid in the development of my writing abilities. We all know I am not perfect, although i pretend to be, and really do like to try and improve my skills! I love the One Minute Writer . I often stop by and participate in the daily assignments that the One Minute Writer has to offer, as well as read through many other passionate writers comments. The comments provide a mecca of inspiration and entertainment.

Well yesterday, I was contacted by the one minute writer. I won the writer of the day for December 19, 2009! I was so shocked and excited. The assignment was to write about your day in 6 words. And what are those 6 words that brought me to such a fabulous award?

"Baby slept through the night, AGAIN!"

Ha Ha Ha, figures I would win a writing contest when I actually got some sleep! If you enjoy writing I suggest you check out this site. Everyday is full of new prompts and inspiration!


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