Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Christmas barfed on my house

I love the holiday season. I love the warmth that a glowing tree fills our living room with. I love all the snazzy decorations all around town. I love that my entire house looks like Christmas barfed all over it! It is awesome. It is fun. I love that by living in Texas you can often find me shopping about town in flip flops and shorts for those last few stocking stuffers. It is the holiday season! We won't even think or talk about that in just about 3 weeks I will be begging for it to be all over. Come on you know it is true, you will too!

I don't love that the holiday season is pushed upon us WAY to early. I like to wait until after thanksgiving to even think about decorating. Unfortunately I have been looking at Christmas decor in the consumer world for nearly a month now. We also have implemented a very strict "No Christmas" policy until after thanksgiving because of Baby DIVA's birthday. I do not want her to ever feel she has to compete with thanksgiving or Christmas to have her birthday honored. I myself know how it feels to be a holiday baby! I am a New Years Day babe. Therefore the house that was barfed on by Christmas is all packed up and removed before New Years Day in order to separate my birthday from the holiday. I am thankful for my mom for doing this for me and now I will do the same for my daughter.

That being said, thanksgiving is history and we have climbed our way all the way in to December...


our Christmas tree is up

and the house is covered with holiday cheer!! It is time to crank up the holiday tunes and dance around after a spiked cup of nog to my favorite Christmas jam Run Run Rudolph while we allow Christmas to barf all over the house!!

I have a wee bit of an obsession with these Christmas Frogs! I absolutely Love them. H4L thinks they are a tad bit creepy!

Even our toilet is excited it is Christmas!!


  1. OMG i love the toilet thingy HOW freakn cute is that! lol

    Ok I am so jealous! I aM HAVEN'T started this year yet.. I know lame... but this is the first time.... I think because of the baby she pulls on everything, eats everything I am so paranoid!

  2. Oh ya take this word verification off LOL it is soooo annoying..... Happy Holidays ROFL!

  3. That toilet thing is too freaking cute! I love it!

  4. I ABSOLULEY FREAKING LOVE your tree and the Frogs!!! :D


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