Sunday, December 6, 2009

Boppin into Christmas

One of the great things about planning ahead and being on a budget, is that by December all your Christmas shopping is complete. All the gifts are wrapped under the tree. No crazy running around needs to be done. You can just sit back and enjoy the weekends as Christmas approaches and savor the fabulous family moments. These, before Christmas weekends can be spent doing FUN family stuff instead of crazed madness to prepare for the upcoming holiday. I am thrilled about this. Being around my H4L and Baby DIVA and experiencing fun, exciting and Christmasy outings and events and spirit boosters is so much better than Christmas panic!

So, last night H4L and I loaded up in the old family car with our bundled up Baby DIVA (because yes even though we are in the hottest state in the country, we are still quite cold from our mini blizzard on Friday. Still in shock and awe from this festive event!). 4 layers on Baby DIVA and a hot heater blowing in the car, 15 minute car ride and some screams of pure heat exhaustion later, we pulled up to the Cottage Charm. Cottage Charm is a fabulous dancing lights display. I know you have all seen the wondrous house that has swept the nation over the last few years with its dancing lights to the musical sensation of trans Siberian orchestra. Well the Cottage charm is the same idea, on a slightly smaller scale. The Cottage Charm is a free event and runs every 15 minutes from 6pm to 11pm 7 days a week during the holiday season. They invite you to bring non perishable canned goods that can be utilized in the local food bank. So that's what we did. We packed up some cans of baby formula and other canned goods along with our 4 layers of clothes on Baby DIVA, and went out to enjoy the light show. It was so cool. Not very crowded. Quiet. Beautiful lights. We turned on our radio to the requested channel and could hear the music that accompanied the dancing lights! Highly enjoyable family outing!

I am going to share with you some video of the Fabulous Cottage Charm. Just bear in mind that I am a mom, so some Baby screeches blend in well with the cool Christmas sing along music! Oh and a Baby arm or head might pop in the way every now and again. Just adds the fabulous cool factor! You know how it goes!


  1. Thos lights are so pretty! How festive! What a great way to spend some time as a family!

  2. That is so beautiful, and looks like such a fun family outing that Baby Diva obviously enjoyed! And I have to say, hearing H4L being such a sweet daddy is inspiring... when so many men are too busy to be interested and involved... you have such a great family! ...PS... wanna adopt me? :)

  3. That was incredible!! Holy crap... the time and effort that went into that is amazing.

    And what a wonderful family thing to do!! Hope you all enjoyed yourself. And thanks for sharing ;)

  4. HEY! Michele sent me a link to this ... WE do the same exact thing in our Christmas display. check my light. More to come on that later. ;)


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