Monday, December 28, 2009

Laughing at Life: End of 2009

A few of you may recall many moons ago, when I used to provide a Monday morning giggle called Laughing at Life. I would entertain my fabulous readers with the torturous stories of just how dumb the general public was. My source: Callers that I dealt with during my stint as a customer service rep in the billing department of a cable company.

Well as 2009 comes to a close and we are down to the LAST Monday of the year, I felt the longing need to close the year with a final Laughing at Life for 2009. So please enjoy this last Laughing at Life of 2009 provided by the sick humor of Pink Haired Momma.

Enjoy and put a towel under your butt because you are gonna piss yourself!!!

Paid for Not Showing Up
Anthony Armatys is facing up to six years in prison for his dumb move. But he's not the only dummy in this story. Armatys accepted a job in 2002 with telecom equipment maker Avaya but then changed his mind before he started. He was already in the payroll system however, and the company started depositing his six-figure salary into his checking account.
For five years, Armatys did not notify Avaya of its error, but his attempt to make an early withdrawal from his 401(k) prompted an investigation that led to his arrest.
In October Armatys pleaded guilty to theft and was ordered to repay the $470,995.53 in compensation he received. He faces full sentencing in January. Source

Seriously! Some people!


  1. Why can't those things happen to me? And I would not be so dumb as to try to make an early withdrawal from my 401K. Shoot, I would move out of the country and make sure the money once deposited here in the US would be swiftly transfered to my off shore Swiss bank account, so no one could get it back. Um...I haven't daydreamed of such things before, no.

  2. Too many hats you are toooooo funny! I wish it would happen to me too and I as well would not be a dumb idiot and try and cash in on my 401k!! Can you imagne? a 6 figure paycheck for doing nothing for years!!!

  3. Oh boy! I wonder what happened to the supervisor in payroll?

  4. Menopausal New Mom!! OMG i had not even thought about that! Too funny! I wonder too what happened. Maybe they were friends and it was a big scam, oh and maybe they hung out on the beach sipping fruity cocktails with umbrellas together! LOL thanks i could go on and on and on with this!!


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