Tuesday, December 29, 2009

We are about to EXPLODE!!!

I am nuts.

You knew that. But seriously, I am thinking I am super dog crazy! H4L isn't too far behind me. Why? you may be asking. Well you see Santa was incredibly awesome and fabulous to Baby DIVA this year. And by Santa I am referring to not only Santa that came down my chimney but I am talking about the Santa that came down grandma's chimney too. So again Santa was fabulous to Miss Baby DIVA. I swear my house could explode right now and cover the entire state with cute little singing playskool people. Every inch of the house is now Baby DIVA area. Not kidding. I am moving my clothing to the garage now to make space for Baby DIVA toys. Okay so maybe its not that bad, but another holiday in this house and I might just have to pitch a tent in the backyard, if there is space there even, I mean there are outdoor toys too!! Oh and forget about a second baby. If i brought home a newborn he or she might just disappear behind that tub of toys over in the corner to never be seen again!

So all this rambling about cramped quarters between sponge bob and the bounce and spin zebra is just my little way of sharing some exciting and scary news with you! We are CRAZY and we are going to take a big step and put this first home of ours out there on the market for some other young family to enjoy; whilst we go and find us a ginormous monstrosity of a home to fit Baby DIVA's toys. Exciting!! I am thrilled to gain more space and possibly a Pink Haired Momma private space. Scary!!! Not looking forward to cleaning this giant toy box!

But we are moving forward with our plan. In fact this Thursday morning I will be viewing a house. Not only do we not have a buyer for our home, nor is our house even on the market yet, but I am just tickled and want to go ahead and get in the spirit! Maybe it will be a match! Who knows! Wish us luck! And stay tuned. This could get interesting!


  1. We are doing the same thing! We actually went and looked at some houses the other day. We are(Well we will be) first time homeowners so we are trying to take advantage of the tax credit. We'll see though I'm rushing anything. It's so exciting but terrifying at the same time!


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