Wednesday, December 23, 2009


We are hosting Christmas Eve at our Casa this year, the first time EVER for our two families to celebrate the season together. Nerve Racking. Nah! Just going bald over here and sweating myself thin!
Anyway I have been a cleaning, cooking, Christmas Elf of a fool the last few days. And not to give away too many secrets for my guests who shall start arriving on...well TOMORROW, a preview...

The cutest SCREAMING Baby DIVA with Santa EVER will greet you at the door

And that same Baby DIVA will show you to her first EVER Gingerbread house, Baby DIVA spread the white icing on the pan!!!
*Please note songbook in background. Dysfunctional Family Christmas Songbook, to be sung in great harmony after many bottles of egg nog or something!
After the Gingerbread tour you will be led by Baby DIVA to the fun and exciting first course of appetizers, Penguin Cream Cheese Wonderland!!!
Now if that doesn't just make you wanna rush on over to Pink Haired Momma's for Christmas, nothing will!!
Oh and Look what my H4L got US for Christmas!!! SURPRISE!!!
I would like to wish everyone a wonderful holiday season! I hope your days are blessed and full of love and laughter and lots of the NOG!!! Happy Chistmakwanzakuh!!!


  1. Those penguins are too cute. Best wishes with your entertaining! Merry Christmas!


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