Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Do you remember?

My dear Friend K-teach is expecting her first child. 2 months from now we will welcome little K-dude into the world. He is scheduled to make his grand entrance on 2-15-2010.

Well K-Teach is so not excited about his arrival date being an eternity of 2 whole months away. She waddles about, grumpy as hell, pissed off at the world, unable to sleep, unable to eat, unable to get comfortable, and just plain miserable. I find it downright hysterical, with an edge of sympathy of course. I too recall being the most miserable person on the face of the planet on about the same time in my pregnancy with Baby DIVA.

But I can not help smile and think about how I was so incredibly miserable then. I cussed the very thought of intimacy with my H4L. I loathed the idea of ever getting myself into that predicament again. I detested all the ooh's and ahh's and rubbing of my belly. Now I look at K-teach and I ooh and ahh. I touch her belly and tell baby K-dude I can not wait to meet him. I giggle as I hear her voice say the same loud and very opinionated notions about pregnancy that I too babbled just a little over a year ago.

"I am never having sex EVER again!"

"I am NEVER going to be pregnant again!"

"I am SO OVER it!"

I have said these three common statements and meant every syllable. K-Teach is very adamant about these three statements. I am sure you too have had these three simple statements rip from your mouth a time or two as well.

What really brings a smile to my face is no matter how miserable we are getting there, motherhood trumps everything. I would gladly be 8 months fluffy miserable pissing on myself angry hot swollen pregnant again because being a mother erases all those horrible aches, pains and thoughts. And yes I do remember people explaining this to me when I was pregnant and I personally thinking they had fallen off their rocker. In fact I recently was shot a look from K-teach that very much resembled a "you have fallen off your rocker" look when I tried to explain to K-teach that one day she would forget and probably want to do it all again.

Oh pregnancy. The joys and misery. I am here for you K-teach! Love ya and YOU CAN DO IT. And I promise not to tease you in the future when you "forget" this misery and get all preggo again!!


  1. So very true! You do forget all the aches and pains and discomforts very quickly!

  2. Thank heavens it ends well and we forget the last 9 months and the hours of labor; otherwise, I would only have 1 and not 3 and that would be sad for me. Best wishes to K-teach and K-dude.


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