Monday, December 7, 2009

Baby DIVA topples over...


I am such a horrible mom. Why wasn't I watching? How did she fall? OMG!! I am terrible to have looked away for less than one minute! And how is it that a kid can get into so much trouble during that less than 30 seconds you are not looking at them? HUH? Do they plot and plan and wait till you turn and look the other way? Okay, mom has turned her head for 5 seconds, now its time to dive bomb off the couch!!! SERIOUSLY!!!!!

I felt like the worst parent on the face of the planet. I saw her falling over the couch from across the room (a whole 5 steps) and I think I even got to her about the same time she hit the floor. But I still felt like hell because I did not have my supermom powers in full working order, I did not reach her in time. I scooped her up with the quickness as tears raced from her eyes. Grabbed the phone and starting dialing the peds office, dumbass it was closed. Hung up. Dialed my mom. No answer. Gosh dangit! Called one of my best friends who has lots of practice with falling kids, no answer! AHHHHHHHHHHH. Meanwhile as I am panicked (and yes I did do a complete check of her head, no blood, no breaks, no marks, nada), Baby DIVA has fully composed herself and is sitting in my arms looking at me like I am smoking crack or something. She has this look of "mom seriously what is your deal" on her face, followed by some baby chuckles.

So okay she is fine. No problem. I still felt like I deserved worst mom in the world award. I still watched her every move for the next FOREVER making sure she was okay. I could be found saying things like, "oh my she looked at that toy a bit too long, do you think she is injured from her fall?" or " oh my she didn't eat all her dinner maybe she has a brain injury, should we call the doctor?" Seriously, I am sick in the head. H4L was not pleased with my aftermath behavior. Even making this post took some time. I mean this "incident" occurred on Thanksgiving morning. I couldn't share my horrible mom story with you until now.

Now I have doctored up the living room, Matt's and pillows and blankets cover the floor behind the couch! Supermom is back in action. Never to be without Pink Hair and a super cape ever again!


  1. omg girl I am glad she is ok.. MY kids have their own wing at the hospital. I am always in there. My house is totally child proof so I thought right. I have 4 kids should know better right.

    Latest thing to happen: Chloe my 4 year old drank half a bottle of motrin.......OMFG.... how she opened it , how she got it from the top shelf in the kitchen......

    I was hysterical.. called the doctors then poison control...... she ended up being ok because it was motrin---should would have a bad stomach ache and maybe the runs. IF it had been tylenol.... another story could have destroyed her liver and caused death...

    gurl I cried for hours...... We got a lock for the cabinet.. I through out the tylenol infant and Only have one tylenol container and the rest is motrin..

    TALK about mother of the year.

    I am glad she is ok

  2. I'm worse that you, I would have had a meltdown worrying that she was going to fall asleep, all those things they tell you watch for when your kiddies hit their heads. The good news for me? I'm married to a neurologist who is always on call 24/7 at our house!!

    So glad your little girl is okay, must have scared the absolute crap out of you!

  3. You are not a horrible mom! it happens to everyone at some point! Miss Diva falls all the time. Thanksgiving must have been a day for falling babies around here, Miss Diva fell over and smacked her head on the corner of the coffee table in front of a room full of people, talk about feling like a bad mom! AWWWW its ok and she will be fine!

  4. Awww, Darlin. I feel for you on that one! But I have NEVER met a mother that something like that didn't happen. Seriously.
    I remember when Trin was 3 she fell off the kitchen chair, split her lip. 1 stitch. I was a mess. 3 weeks later, fell off SAME chair, split her lip on the other side(tooth came right through the bottom) 3 stitches. On the drive home, while I wasn't looking she pulled the stitches out. Back to the doctors, 4 stitches to fix it.
    I made her sit on the floor for like, 6 months after that.... LMAO.
    ((hugs)) to you and Baby Diva!!
    Glad to hear she's okay.
    Hope you are okay too...

  5. Dude I totally know how you feel..a few days ago I turned my head for 5 seconds and Mason scurried over to our stair case and fell down about 4 or 5 steps and hit his head on the wood floors...then he screamed bloody murder! I felt AWFUL. AWFUL is not even the word. I think I cried and paniced more than Mason did! I totally think the same things as OMG he looks kind of zoned out..does he have a brain injury? Thinking like that sucks but it's scary and I felt like a horrible mother! Don't beat yourself up to happens to all of us moms!

  6. I spent the night in the ER with Lincoln after he hit his head on the floor and I thought the whole side of his head was swollen and bruised. We have all hardwoods and they have large heads- learning to sit was quite the adventure at our house. Now, months later I'm pretty sure I was the crazy Mom at the ER who was convinced there was a bruise on her kids forehead when there wasn't...they were very kind and didn't make me feel crazy at the time, but I was the crazy ER mom. The doctor we saw said kids can fall from several feet and not have any issues- built in resiliance I guess.

    And you are totally not a bad mom! Accidents happen.

  7. Yikes, these sorts of things happen. Sadly, being a mom means feeling your child's pain and sometimes even more than their pain. On top of that we get to deal with guilt and worry. Glad she is just fine and you are recovering :)

  8. Awww poor baby Diva :(
    I bet you were more upset than the baby though...thats part of being a parent. My eldest (almost 7 yrs old) has had her share of booboo's but the first one she was 1 and bringing me flowers and tripped and fell catching herself with the back of her hand so she wouldn't drop the flowers...she still has a scar. But the worst was when she jumped off the slide and bit her tongue almost in half (boy did it bleed), I managed to stay calm until later when I had to tell my husband about it. *sigh* Oh, the joys of being a mom :-) Wouldn't trade it for the world.

  9. I'm so glad she is ok. Hope you are ok too. This is an accident. Accidents happen all the time. You are not a bad mom.Hugs to you both!

  10. Poor baby girl and poor mama! About 2 weeks ago I getting dressed in the bathroom well I sat down on the toilet to put my socks on Brinley started to try to climb me so I picked her up, and I was bouncing her on my knee and sort of tossing her to the side without thinking, I tossed her to my right and the back of her head nailed the corner of the counter. I was a mess! I was freaking out the entire day that she had a concussion and everything she did made me wonder "Oh my gosh is that the sign of a concussion". The ped said not to worry and that she was fine but I couldn't help it.


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