Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas Overkill

I am the Griswald of Christmas. Not with the lights and such because I do not particularly love being outside on a ladder hanging stuff, but with the Christmas spirit. My family and my house are beginning to drown in tinsel. Oh well, get over it. NEW TRADITION!

I blame Pinterest!

On top of The Elf on the Shelf, the daily activity advent calendar sponsored by Elf, watching Christmas themed movies and shows at least once a day, wearing Christmas theme clothes every day, and taking red and green baths, I have decided to add in yet one more "tradition".

I wrapped up 12 new books. The first book is the Polar Express, since you know, We became Train people this year. And starting on December 12 we will do our own version of 12 days of Christmas by opening 1 book every night until Christmas EVE (and rest assured all while participating in the 50 other "traditions" I have assigned to our family this year). On Christmas Eve I have chosen a simple board book that ends with the simple phrase, "Now it is Christmas time". I am really excited about this adventure.

Our wrapping paper this year is simple. Brown bag paper decorated with a pretty cutout letter of the first name of the recipient. Following in this theme, I cut out the numbers 1 -12 and wrapped each book to coordinate. Now they are laid under the tree just waiting for little hands to tear them open and stimulate some minds.

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