Tuesday, April 10, 2012

11 months old???

How the hell did this happen?

Princess Pork Chop is only 1 month shy of being an entire year old. An ENTIRE YEAR OLD!!! It is insane! I just can not believe it.

So up to date Princess Pork Chop is eating like a normal little human. There is nothing this child wont eat. We do not make her special food. Whatever we eat, she eats, just in smaller bites. But I tell you, she can put away some food. She eats more than Big Sis DIVA by plates. She has 8 teeth right now possibly working on a couple more, if the drool indicates anything. She sleeps through the night. Bed time is 630-7pm and she sleeps until 630 ish the next morning. Now, she will wake up around midnight some nights, but it is only when she is cutting a tooth or takes a big nasty dump in her sleep. I know TMI, but it happens.

What else. She says Mama, Baba (bottle) and has a full range of other words that we have no idea what they are. Grunt was not offered as a foreign language back in my day. I have no idea her weight but she is wearing 12 month clothes. And she refuses to drink ANYTHING but formula. She only uses a sippy cup as a chew toy and will not drink anything BUT formula from a bottle. So unlike her sister who willingly, actually demanded to give up a bottle at 6 months old. She hates all juice and hates water and hates cows milk and hates other milks. So, formula in a bottle it is for some time yet.

11 months old. How is it possible???

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  1. Time goes by so fast... sometimes I feel like I am watching my life on fast forward....


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