Monday, April 9, 2012

E is for Easter, and Eggs, and Everything!!!

Last week in mommy school we had an Easter theme. Who didn't? I mean, holidays make curriculum planning super easy. This last week I did something a little different than we have been doing in previous months. Instead of using a different letter to learn about each day, I chose to keep the same letter the whole week. And it worked awesome. It simplified preparing for the week and made those spur-of-the-moment lessons less intimidating.

All week long we followed activities and lessons that centered around Easter and/or the letter E. And of course a few other topics as we encountered them.

Getting into the Easter spirit, we planted magic beans, thanks to Pinterest for linking us to the blog, See Jane Blog idea.The Easter Bunny just had to sprinkle the magic beans with a bit of Easter magic so our beans could grow in to magic candy sticks! My kid is 3. After we planted the beans she lost interest and never looked back. I will try this again next year.

Gah came over for an "art" lesson in how to Dye Easter eggs. Taught by the famous Big Sis DIVA of course.

We learned about the letter "E" in conjunction with our Easter theme. Surprised? A lot of Excitement was had all week long.

"E"lmo helped us a lot this week. Princess Pork Chop and Elmo are really great friends!

We started the week off with a science experiment. We made "E"ggshells disappear. This particular exercise takes several days so it also helped us work on one of our life skills, "patience". We dropped an uncooked egg into a mason jar filled with white vinegar. I recall this experiment from my childhood, but if you would like directions, here is a good source. Immediately the egg begins to bubble. This is very exciting for a 3 year old. Big Sis DIVA checked in on her egg many, many times throughout the day to see it "hatching" as she called it. By the end of the week we had a wonderful egg with out a shell that resembled a rubber ball. WEE were able to see the inside of the egg too. I like this exercise because it can reach a wide variety of age groups. We will be able to repeat this many time at many different educational stages to gain very different perspectives of the experiment.

Throughout playtime I try and work our letters and our theme of the week in at various points during the day. During morning Lego time, we made super big letter E!

As a Family, we have made the choice to live better and eat healthier. We are really big into juicing our veggies and living healthy and trying to teach the girls about this. Well this lifestyle change has also entered our playtime. I found the girls and daddy making a "pig" juicer during Lego time!

Princess Pork Chop has her own social circle developing. She attends a weekly playgroup all of her own, without Big Sis DIVA. This week, in Egg theme, I put together balloons filled with various sensory items. Flour, sugar, rice, beans, etc. I was so proud of myself. But the babies just wanted to eat the balloons. FAIL!!!

These were a ton of fun. We made these cracked eggs, or Dinosaur eggs. I got the idea from Pinterest. They were really easy and looked so awesome. Still didn't get Big Sis DIVA to eat a boiled egg, but Princess Pork Chop and H4L had no problem packing away the dinosaur eggs.

And no week is complete without coloring. I honestly do not remember where I found these coloring sheets. Somewhere on pinterest I am sure. I just printed out a few and we colored throughout the week.

Mommy School is always developing here at Pink Haired Momma's. We try to have science, math, reading and life skills each week. How we work these areas into our daily world varies and grows right along with my tots. Learning never stops, and never does our mommy school. We are always striving to learn more!

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