Saturday, April 14, 2012

I have a Princess...theme week


Big Sis DIVA and I at Disney on Ice!

Big Sis DIVA has never been a girly girl. She has never showed a real interest in the Princess side of being a little girl. She prefers to flip the carriage over and inspect the wheel base to see if it was built properly. We go with it. Individuality.

A few weeks back, Big Sis DIVA awoke from nap and our world changed. She was all princess. She now wants to wear princess dresses, princess shoes, princess hair. She has a baby doll she has to cuddle and love and feed and dress. She wants make-up and purses and pretty girly things. This is a huge change. I have no idea why or where she found this change, but we roll with it.

I found this great Princess Lessons theme pack a while back for momma school. I saved it but figured Big Sis DIVA would not ever be interested or repsonsive to it, and thought perhaps I would pull it out of Princess Pork Chop at a later date. I was tickled pink when Big Sis DIVA developed her passion for purple tutu's and all things girly, because I knew we could use the Princess Theme pack. It is the small things that make me happy. :)

I chose "Princess" as our theme for this last week for several reasons. One, it was right after Easter, so I knew I would have lots of pinky pastel things leftover to princess"ify". Two, we had already scheduled a fabulous play date field trip to Disney on Ice for Friday. What better way to end Princess week, right? And lastly, I really wanted to take advantage of Big Sis DIVA being on a girly kick, and have fun with it.

Here is a pictorial rundown of our week:

Here we are, playing "Cinderella".

Rapunzel Pork Chop in her "tower"

Thanks to 1plus1plus1equals1, We have great Princess lesson material which I have printed, laminated and prepared for use each day during our class time.

Reading Library books. We had 3 trips to the library this week. :)

It was a pretty easy lesson week. We used the letter "P" and the colors Pink and Purple. We also spent time working on our first and last name again. The spelling and proper way to say it. We also worked on our phone number, the date, etc. We spent a lot of time outside this week just exploring the backyard using backyard science, and playing, playing, playing. The weather was beautiful, so we wanted to soak it all in. Because we were outside so much this week, we didn't do any crafts. But I did have some planned. We just ignored them and played in the sunshine instead.

Princess week was a success. I did not use all of my prepared materials, so I think we might have Princess week again in month or two because we had so much fun with it. And the possibilties for lessons are endless, so, some more pinterest princess hunting might be in order.

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