Friday, May 4, 2012

Sprinkles and Icing

My baby is 1 today.

I find myself wondering how did the time fly by. Was it not just yesterday that I fell asleep while feeding tiny tot and woke in a panic thinking I might smush her in the bed? Was it not just yesterday that it took me ALL day to get out of the house and into the car with 2 kids, only to then realize we missed the play date and then I spent all night getting us back into the house? Was it not just yesterday that she learned to smile? Was it not just yesterday she completed our family?

The last year has brought us lots of joy and adventures. Princess Pork Chop and Big Sis DIVA together with H4L, make me the happiest person in the world. We never have a dull moment around here. I am so thankful for that. And today we celebrate 1 year as a happy family of four!

H4L and his ladies!
Picking out  her first ever Sugar (cupcake)
Getting Princess Pork Chop's First cupcake
Big sis DIVA not impressed it is not HER day

Hello there

Oh my
Daddy, you got to try this!
Nothing like toes and icing
Can I be 1 everyday?
Daddy and his baby girl
Mom, Here have some

Happy FIRST Birthday to my baby girl Scarlett!!!


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