Saturday, May 12, 2012

Yes, I do serve Ice Cream for breakfast

I am dead serious. I serve ice cream for breakfast. 1 ingredient ice cream that I make, from scratch. HAHA And it is fabulous. AND has no refined sugar or anything else funky or chemically for that matter. My kids can honest to God have ice cream for breakfast and I won't have to shoot myself a nasty look of distasteful judgement in the mirror for serving it either.

Would you like to serve ice cream for breakfast too and be elevated to the Rock Star level of fabulous mom I currently stand at? Well then, here is what you need.

A freezer
A blender
A peeled frozen banana

Step one: Peel Banana and Freeze. Originally I was told to let it only freeze for 2 hours or so, then whip it up. I, however, have two kids and Facebook to deal with and I forgot about little frozen banana for a day or two. Oops.
Frozen Banana

Step Two: Take frozen banana out of freezer and plop in blender.

blending banana

Step three: Blend Banana until it forms an "ice cream like" texture. I will be totally honest and tell you the only reason I attempted this treat was because I thought it was bullshit and that this frozen banana would not turn into ice cream. Well, I have been proven wrong. Low and behold after some blendage took place, the banana all of a sudden whipped itself into an ice cream like form. Who knew?

Step four: Call children to the table for breakfast and tell them you are the most awesome mom in the world because you are going to "let" them have ice cream for breakfast. Never reveal it is just a nice healthy banana! Nothing more. Bask in the glory of being totally cool to your kids.

amelia eating ice cream

Step Five: Serve "Ice Cream"

Step Six: Enjoy being the greatest mom EVER, all day long. Perhaps even repeat tomorrow for breakfast.

PS this works on husbands too.


  1. Love it! I will have to try it :)

  2. You are my new hero!!! As you may have read on my blog I'm trying to figure out non-depriving ways to keep myself within my allowed points, and this my dear twin is beyond perfect because bananas have 0 points!!! Bless you my friend!!


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