Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Stinky Dishes

Big Sis DIVA has taken a real liking to washing dishes. This is fantastic for ME!!! I only can dream that this will last past her 4th birthday and into the teenage years, right?

Well, Big Sis DIVA also has a very sensitive nose. Recently while she was performing her daily duty of getting are dishes cleaned for the dishwasher, she voiced some choice opinions on the smell of our garbage disposal.
"I cant wash "ish" mom because it is too STINKY in there." Points down to garbage disposal and runs off away from the sink.

Shit. I can not let this happen. Very quickly I have become accustomed to this new found help in the kitchen. I am sure not about to give it already. So, I do what all women these days do when they are faced with a domestic problem to solve. I consulted Pinterest.

I found this great link to an idea. (Now, when I clinked the actual link it told me the file was longer to be found, but the picture pretty much was all I needed. So, Thank you to whoever originally posted this) An idea that we are all well aware of but if you are like me, have never thought to put two an two together and put it into practice.

vinegar ice

Vinegar and lemon ice cubes. GENIUS. And I just happen to have a surplus of lemons on hand from my vegetable co-op this week, so VOILA. We now have a fabulous collection of vinegar lemon ice cubes living in our freezer, ready to use at any time to freshen up the stinky sink.

Now excuse me as I sit back and watch my 3 year old wash some dishes.

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  1. Hm, I always used lemon but never vinegar...interesting idea :)


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