Saturday, May 26, 2012

Sucked that cucumber DRY!!

I really love my veggies. I am also enjoying being in my veggie co-op. One thing the co-op is teaching me is how to make my veggies stretch. For example, let us take a look here at the cucumber.

Fancy, huh?

First, I juiced this little guy. I really like to drink cucumber juice. It is refreshing and when mixed with orange juice or beet juice can be quite scrumptious.

After I juiced the cucumber, I then took the pulp and mixed it with yogurt. Resulting in a fabulous spread for my pita lunches this week. A sprinkle of dill yielding a fancy cucumber dill pita! YUM-O

I also took some of the pulp and froze it into ice. Now I have a supply of cool cucumber ice to add to my water as we embrace the 90 degree  daily temps we will see for the next 4 months.

Not a bad stretch for a food that cost me about a quarter.

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