Thursday, February 17, 2011

H1N1 in the house

On Monday Baby DIVA popped a fever. Pretty high hitting 104 at times, but not too alarming. Baby DIVA doesn't get fever often, but when she does she tends to have high temps. By Wednesday morning we had no relief, so I decided we best head into the peds. Fevers always get a Dr check in my world. Especially for a kiddo who rarely has them. Poor Baby DIVA.

The office was packed. All the tots in our great city seem to be sporting snotty noses and fevers and various other "cold" symptoms. Fun times. "Sniffle sniffle, no momma. Whine", was common sound while waiting for our name to be called. I was most impressed that Baby DIVA continued to feel sick and even kept her fever for the Dr appt. Most peds appt's usually make me look like and idiot. you know, a really sick kid miraculously recovers for the 15 minutes you are at the Dr, only to have a full "relapse" on the way home. Not this time though. Dr was able to see all her symptoms in full force and assured me something was definitely up.

We had a look over, checked for bunnies in her ears, birds in her throat and swabbed her nose for ugly green monsters. The verdict rolled in shortly after...H1N1. Swine Flu. Awesome! How the heck did we catch that? Not something you ever want to hear, especially about your Baby DIVA or while you are pregnant with a Critter.

A round of Tamiflu for my tiny tot and a round of Tamiflu for myself and Critter2 have now commenced. Baby DIVA seems to somewhat be doing better. Her fever is going down, but she is still whiney and miserable. This morning she only wanted to wear her favorite TUTU while being sickly on the couch. Unfortunately she barfed all over it and a wardrobe change was necessary. Now she snoozes and Momma sure hopes she wakes up fever free and feeling better.

We did receive Flu vax this year, so mommas keep your kiddos safe and clean their noses and hands! Germs are out in full force!


  1. Oh no!!! Sanitize EVERYTHING!! Don't forget door knobs! Hope you don't get it!

  2. Yikes! I hope she feels better soon; and I really hope that you don't catch it. You're in my thoughts.


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