Monday, February 7, 2011

Colored Ice fun

Since the snowmagedon blizzard of 2011 failed to arrive with the gusto as predicted, we were jipped of our snow ice cream making plans. BOO! Instead we improvised and made colored ice.

Really simple. You need water, food color, a freezer (or snowmagedon outside), and a fun loving toddler who likes to get dirty.

Baby DIVA helped me color the water in the ice trays. Then she took a nap. Exhausting work. But perfect timing for the colored ice to freeze to play perfection.

When she woke up the ice was ready. I grabbed some towels and wrapped a baking sheet in white paper. Gave her some colored ice and some cups and let her go to town. she got all kinds of dirty and lots of "ewwww's" were to be announced. But she had a blast playing with the ice, sorting the colors, naming the colors and showing me her colored fingers. A great way to waste half an hour!

This project was a lot of fun and is quite similar to the project we did last summer, Ice Painting, which is also lots of fun and messy!

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