Thursday, September 2, 2010

Ice painting

So what do you do when its still incredibly hot and disgustingly humid outside, plain miserable, but it is still summertime? I mean you can only dive into a pool so many times, and we all know a tiny tots attention span doesn't last too long on one thing. So what to do?

How about combine a nice cool refreshing item with a messy and fun activity!
So much fun!

While Baby DIVA napped, I set up. I took a cookie sheet and covered it with aluminum foil and the taped white paper to the pan to form a blank canvas. Then I grabbed 2 packets of Kool-aid from the pantry and sprinkled the paper with the two colors. And we were ready to go. The only things needed were tiny tot hands and ice cubes.

I will admit that once Baby DIVA woke up, we cheated. We didn't go outside in the blistering heat to complete this lovely activity. Nah, we sat in the air conditioner at the kitchen table. BOO! Sue us! Over 100 degrees, feels like 114, nope not taking my toddler out in that, sorry!

I laid an ice cube down on the paper and began to show Baby DIVA how the "paint" comes alive on her own special cookie sheet canvas. She thought it was pretty awesome until she licked her little blue finger. Did I mention the kool-aid was sugar free? HAHA. By performing this activity inside, where the refreshing cool breeze provided by my electric company blows, the ice melts a bit slower. The project takes a while longer and thus keeps tots entertained longer. hmmmm?! Might need to keep it indoors forever huh?
Baby DIVA really enjoyed this little activity. Our "painting" came out a fine quality of abstract art.

Complete with left-over cookie from snack. Mixed media art. LOVE IT!


  1. The cookie provides texture. It's important in art.

    Cool idea (no pun intended)

  2. hey everyone on the message board is looking for you!!


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