Monday, September 27, 2010

SAHM's Work Dammit!!!!

I have just about had it with everyone out there in the world thinking that because I am a stay at home momma that I do not work. I keep finding my friends and family and acquaintances are under the illusion that when they call me I will always be free to chat. Or if they need something from me, I should be able to hop right up and service whatever need they have because as a SAHM I must just be sitting on the couch fully dressed, ready to jump, after placing the bon bon in mouth, and fulfill whatever wish they have placed up on me!

This is just a simple reminder to those who need to be reminded. Moms have the busiest job on the planet. It is a 24 hour, 7 day a week, 365 day a year gig. It never stops. There is never any downtime. Shits ALONE have to be scheduled days in advance and sometimes require a quick call to the sitter down the street. A simple load of laundry becomes an all day affair as you must tote baskets full of stinky clothes no less, over the heads of toddlers without accidentally smashing them or tripping and falling and breaking your ankle, which only adds an ER run to your daily to do list; Then get the laundry soap safely into the washer without tiny hands helping guide the container or pushing you out of the way thus resulting in you spilling the soap on the floor, which in that case you then also floor clean up aisle laundry room floor to your to do list. After you finally manage to get the laundry started, washed and dried, you then must masterfully fold the clean clothes with the help of a toddler. This ultimately results in refolding the laundry two or three times before you successful sneak it away from tiny tot hands, folded neatly, and are able to place it in its proper location. BUT, if you are incredibly lucky, you just might, maybe, perhaps once a month or so, get to spend your tots nap time performing this wonderfully relaxing task all by yourself. Goodness nothing like doing laundry to really relax a girl.

So do not ever think dropping in a mom and expecting her to be able to drop everything and take care of YOUR needs before her child's is EVER going to happen. Consider she too has a schedule and you are just going to have to wait your freaking turn.

Have a super fabulous day!


  1. Oh I just spit out my soda when you said scheduled,, You get em girl!!!! hugs!!!!

  2. I hear ya! I'm a WOHM but on my days off, my boys are here(well, most days off anyway) When it's naptime I get to do the dishes and laundry and that's my "me time".


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