Saturday, September 18, 2010

Vacation: The Tourist Crap

You know it has to happen. Family vacations always involve some stupid pictures in front of silly signs and such right? Well now that I am all growed up and a super mature parent, I get to CHOOSE and FORCE someone to take these glorious pictures to look back on and have memories drift through our minds.
Well on our recent vacation, H4L and I became those annoying parents and forced, suckered, tricked and tortured Baby DIVA into taking those unforgettable memory pictures that she will love to look at in about 30 years. And here is what she had to say about it:

Our vacation took us on a nice long car ride (and believe it or parent squabbles), in the mom ride of course, that drove us right into many a tourist traps. And we soaked up the opportunity to snap some photos of our Baby DIVA as she ventured across the great state of Texas.
Tourist Crap stop one, we hit the Sam Houston State Statue , in Huntsville, Texas. Surprisingly in all my years of driving past old Sam, I have never stopped at this great tourist locale, so I enjoyed the moment. Baby DIVA did not. She pretty much refused to be photographed with a smile. Nonetheless we snapped the pics like all annoying parents do and moved on.

H4L and I found the small park area and grounds to be super clean and inviting. A lovely amphitheater was also discovered amongst the fabulous vegetation that helped block out the blistering Texas Sun. The amphitheater featured a exact in size replica of the face of Sam Houston that is displayed on the enormous statue.

Check out that Shnoze! How would you like to wake up to that sucker every day? EEEK!

A few interesting finds here:

1. The brick that lay in honor of H4L and I.

2. The Highlight to our visit was the utterly fabulous find I encountered in the Bathroom. The Diaper Deck! Complete with instructions on "How to" no less!! Truly something spectacular and enlightening!

After the Diaper Deck scare, we loaded back in the mom ride and took off down the road. As we were driving along We passed this really weird thing being hauled by an 18 wheeler. Me, being the now so savvy mobile picture taker, I snapped a picture and uploaded to Facebook. In a matter of moments my weird find labeled " weird things you see while driving", was quickly defined by my fellow facebookers as pieces of a windmill. And sure enough we saw GIANT blades pass by not long after. Thank goodness for Facebook! :)

And so the adventure continued on and on and on until someone had to go to the bathroom. And luckily at that exact moment a Beaver popped up on the horizon. BUC-EES Beaver that is! Not sure if this fabulous Beaver ventures across state lines, but here in TEXAS Buc-ee is kind of a big deal. This mecca of a pit stop has it all. Every kind of jerky you can imagine, candied pickled jalapeno cream cheese dip, toys, clothes, gifts, Gas, grills you can buy and tote behind your car, and the cleanest snazziest toilets I have found in a long time. Each private toilet room provides its user with enough toilet paper for Armageddon, a nifty seat cleaning regimen and germophobe cleaner. Total awesomeness man!

And yes I am that crazy Pink Haired woman taking pictures in the john at the truck stop. Get over it!

Oh we are not done yet folks! Did I mention our quick trip over to Paris? Seriously! We visited Paris, well Paris, Texas and we saw the Eiffel Tower adorned with a Red Cowboy hat. Ain't we fancy in Texas! We have Famous Beavers and Towers wearing hats. We are just rocking here in this great state!


  1. I love the "Eiffel Tower" lol! We also have a Paris, Arkansas but there's no fancy Eiffel Tower replica there.

  2. Rikki! The tower is too cool. My BIL is actually going to school up there right now. Do you guys have anything fun and "french" in the Arkansas Paris?


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