Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Playroom plans...

Its about that time. We need a safe place to "contain" Baby DIVA. A place without any threatening edges; a place without any inviting climbing apparatus that teases the monkey legs that have grown from my little tiny tot. A place I can place my child and successfully go to the restroom without having a minor anxiety attack wondering if she will still be alive upon my return 30 seconds later. YES, bad things can happen in 30 seconds with a toddler, I promise!
So H4L and I gave up our office/craft room. We re arranged everything. Moved all the "edges" and "climbers" out and are in the process of converting the space into a DIVA friendly stomping ground.

Here is the before:

Here is the after:

Right now it is a work in progress. We have a blank slate to work with. Some toys decorate the beige floor and add color to the white walls, but it needs something incredibly fabulous. I am out on the prowl in search of creative juices to inspire me to turn this simple room into an inviting creative space for my Baby DIVA to learn and grow. I know I would like to have some shelves high up on the wall to store coloring and painting supplies, shelves decorated so to meet the DIVA's expectations. I would like to use chalkboard paint in some capacity. I would like to see a dress up area go in for Baby DIVA to model her beautiful self in. I am in phase one design mode and I am on the prowl for ideas. So please, please share some with me!! Oh yes and please bear in mind this is a DIY budget friendly endeavor, of course!

Here are a couple of goodies I discovered while stalking the net recently:

punkinpaints kid friendly chalkboard paints

Exquisite-design nice designs, inspiring

Alphabet Wall Love this DIY project


  1. I find things like these so fun! Hope you are having fun with it!

  2. Thanks Kristy. I am hoping to make something spectactular for her...what i am still trying to decide! LOL


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