Friday, September 24, 2010

Hello there Fall!

Yesterday, to celebrate the beginning of Fall, at least in theory anyway cause we do not really get fall here in Texas, Baby DIVA and I constructed a little fall project. We built a tree! And while building our fall tree our noses were tickled with the sumptuous aroma of Hot apple cinnamon, courtesy of a great Glad candle. The air outside was still quite warm here, however we didn't break 90 degrees. Holy Toledo!

Baby DIVA and I took a bowl of dollar store leaves, some butcher paper and Elmer's glue and began our masterpiece

I first drew a giant tree on the paper for Baby DIVA. Then I painted the whole area with the glue. Finally Baby DIVA slipped her hands into the bowl of leaves and started placing them all over the tree...and her...and the living room floor. Eventually we completed the project by placing 3 giant red apples, one for mom, dad and Baby DIVA, at the foot of the tree. She seemed to really enjoy this festive activity and got a kick out of having fall come right into the living room with the leaves. We even had a mini leaf pile that we "jumped" in on the couch. I guess you could say that is a Katy, Texas fall for you! Ha!

Happy Fall to all!


  1. Too cute :)
    My kids love to rake up the leaves and jump in them. North Carolina is one of the prettiest places I've ever seen in the fall.

  2. Crystal,
    I am so jealous. We dont really get fall here it all. A dream vacation of mine and H4L's is to go and drive the east coast during the "change". Someday I would like to experience the season for real, and not with plastic and fabric leaves. HA!!!


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