Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I am Hair Dumb!

Some might think that since I waltz around town sporting hot pink hair, that I am a divine hair do queen. Those who know me well will tell you that its a great day if I can actually figure out how to get my hair into a ponytail. SERIOUSLY!! I am hair dumb. I remember freaking out while pregnant with Baby DIVA because of this simple ignorance. I panicked wondering how in the world am I, the ponytail failure girl, going to ever manage to teach my DAUGHTER how to fix her own hair?!

Luckily Baby DIVA's hair is coming in at a snails pace and leaving me some time to learn and grasp this crazy skill so that I might, of course, continue to be supermom in the eyes of my daughter. I'm really glad that her hair is coming in slow because I recently failed an attempt of bumpits placement. ARG!!

Well I was due for a snipping of my pink strands recently. H4L and I headed off to our local hair joint to get some grooming done. There is a lovely gal in there named Synda, who has snipped away at my pink locks on multiple occasions. At first it was just coincidence that this wonderful Queen of the scissors was graced with my pink hair, and over time it has grown into destiny. She now is stuck with me, poor soul. Super cool fact about Synda; she never mentions my "OOPS" mistakes that I make while dying my hair on my own at home. Gotta love her!!

Synda is fabulous. She completely understands that despite my loud nature and appearance of Pinkness on top of my head, I am actually quite clueless as what to do with my mop. She is able to get in there and work her scissor magic, transforming my limp hair into a masterpiece that I can wash and run with. This last go round, Synda busted out some cool tools and clipped away at my ends. She really worked my strands over and now I don't even have to toggle with a pony. I just wash, dry and go...and my hair looks great! Great for me now, but not helping in the way of learning new skills to teach Baby DIVA. Oh-well I will get her a box of ponytail holders! HA!

Those of you who are local can also have the privilege of having Synda work magic on your hair. Over off Mason Road here in Katy, in the parking lot with the Black Eyed Pea (you can grab a calorie free lunch after she transforms your locks, LOL), there is a Supercuts. I call it Synda's Supercuts. Run inside and ask for Synda. She will bust out her scissors and work her magic, and for a superb price too! Let her know that Pink Haired Momma sent you, I bet she will give you a giant smile!

And not only is she a magician with my hair, but she poses for fun pics and lets me write about here on my blog too!

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