Friday, September 3, 2010

Terrible two's already???

In a few short months darling Baby DIVA will be turning 2! Yes that is right 2 whole years. Now we might still have 3 months to go until this milestone, but Baby DIVA is already setting the ground for what is in store.

Oh my! She has mastered this artful 2 year old skill and is holding nothing back.
Here have a look at one of her more recent minor throw downs:

And here we have a still shot of a tantrum in progress:

Gotta love it. What do you do during tantrums? Do you walk away? Laugh and video your kids like I do? Or do you console them? How long do you let them cry?


  1. I just let it happen and continue on with what I'm doing. When it's done, I tell him I love him and ask for a hug. I have a 19MO and he's pretty good a throwing himself on the floor for a good fit.

  2. Aaahhh I remember those days...oh wait we are still in them LOL
    When Acacia throws a fit I make her go to her room. Most of the time it works...but she is a bit older. Good luck :)

  3. Whenever Brinley has a tantrum I just ignore her and let her go at it. She does it for attention and I'm not giving her attention for bad behavior.

  4. When mine freaks, I tell her she can throw a fit as long as she wants, but she has to go do it on her bed because I don't want to hear it. Eventually, she gets so bored, she just comes out and goes back to whatever she was doing. [by the way, my daughter is also 2 as of july.] =)

  5. Sorry to break it to you- the two's are nothing! Wait until the 3's!

  6. We are going through this too! And my son is the same age....


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