Thursday, August 26, 2010

Baby Bikini??

H4L heard a snazzy little blurb on his morning commute radio show, Roula and Ryan this morning. They were discussing this certain clothing website and whether or not it was a joke or in fact real clothes. He arrived at work and had a look at the website. He told me later that he was “appalled” at what he saw and then sent a link to me to see what I had to say about it.

I quickly pulled up the website, Babikini and found something incredibly horrifying. Babies in leopard print string bikinis. Being paraded around out in the public eye, for all the pedophiles to gawk at. SERIOUSLY! This clothing line specializes in string bikinis in an assortment of sexy bold fabrics for the tiniest female; you know birth through age 7!

Why in the hell would you want your infant/toddler/kindergarten child to be sexy? To be strolling around the tot spot at the local pool promoting them as sex appeal. Are you freaking kidding me? It’s not cute. It’s plain out trashy and distasteful! It infuriates me that there are ONE), clothes with these types of sexual undertones that are marketed to such a young market via their parents , and TWO) that there are parents out there who see nothing wrong with allowing their toddlers to stroll around in clothing whose main goal is aimed at sex appeal to men. Grown men!

As parents we strive to keep our children safe, to protect them as best we can from the malicious adversities found out in the world. We work for years to teach our children right from wrong and how to lead a balanced socially and emotionally successful life. When I come across things like this, a clothing line that is aimed at little girls as young as birth, which aims to teach them to be sex kittens from way too early on, I get enraged. We wonder why more and more of our children are becoming promiscuous at such an early age. We wonder why our young woman are losing respect for themselves and acting out in wild and destructive behaviors stemming from sex beginning in the tween age. We ponder the possibilities that it is just kids being kids. In reality we as society are allowing this to happen to our children.

We are stripping our children of their childhood. Allowing them to grow up way to fast. Allowing them to embrace a sexual side of humanity that is just not appropriate for their age. They are infants. They are children. They should be concerned with Marco Polo and how to float on their back, not if their string bikini is tied correctly and showing enough skin.

I have Hot Pink Hair in my 30’s and I find it okay to spank my child when needed. Some may say I am not the “norm” as societal mothers go today. But I have found that I am have become more and more strict as a parent. I may have some non conventionalness about me but I am an old prudie when it comes to my child. I don’t find string bikinis “Cute” on my daughter. Not because the bikini isn’t cute, Hell when I was 20 and perky I would have worn it, but that is just it. When I was 20 years old; Not 20 months old. I don’t doubt Baby DIVA would be adorable in her little bikini, but I don’t want her projecting “sex” to everyone she encounters while in it. Sure you may not think she is projecting sex by simply wearing tiny piece of fabric, but the hairy dude in the corner might not. It’s just inappropriate. Plain ridiculous and appalling. We don’t need to see sexy toddlers. Let them be kids!



  1. Over my dead body! That's the only thought I can come up with at this moment. WHO in their right mind thinks something like that is appropriate for a BABY. Brinley won't be allowed to wear anything that resembles that until she is out of MY house. That is sick!

  2. Disgusting, absolutely sickening. Anyone thinking about buying those, I have a cheaper idea for you. Go look at your local registered pedophile list, and ask them to babysit. It's going to save you a lot of money on buying the bikini and waiting for them to notice and steal your child.

  3. I saw a link about these bikini's on facebook a few days ago. To me, it seems like it would entice pedophiles. Very inappropriate!

  4. Cute is a polka dot swimsuit with a ruffle. This is disturbing and creepy. What is happening to little-girl-cute? There are baby wigs, baby bikinis, baby high heels, and little girls often play in mommy's old makeup or get their nails painted. For some reason it has always been viewed as 'cute' to make babies/toddlers look like little women. But to sexualize babies is so disgusting. What's next? Baby G-string bikinis? Now that would be way too much.

  5. OH wow string bikinis for little ones...amazing...... well it doesn't surprise me with the clothing kids have these days...

    Very scary times.

  6. If I had a little girl, I would want to wait as long as possible for bikinis!


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