Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Painted toast

Baby DIVA hates bread. Wont touch the stuff. She will lick the PB&J off her bread and toss it back at me. Really! She is that hardcore about her dislike of bread.

Then the other day we were munching on garlic bread with dinner when we saw some little fingers fast approach our plate of delish bread. those little hands snagged a piece and devoured, I mean inhaled the garlic bread. This started my wheels a turning.

The next day I just happened to come across this fantastic blog Sunday Hotpants and found a lovely little post about Painted Toast. So I thought we would give it a try and see if Baby DIVA found it worthy enough to consume.

Here is what we did:
I took a few tiny bowls of milk and colored them with Neon food coloring. Then I took a simple white piece of bread and a never been used paintbrush and made an artistic piece for the DIVA. After painting I popped the sucker into the toaster, waited a few minutes and the POP out came the new breakfast masterpiece. I served it to Baby DIVA and to my delight she loved it! Who knew?!?

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