Sunday, August 22, 2010

Dirty little Bastards!

Last night we were violated. Violated in our own home, our own neighborhood by some little dirty bastards. Our Van (yes my new hip mom ride) got broken into. I am so less than impressed with the whole ordeal. This is the first time I have ever had this happen and I hope to never have it repeated.

At about 9am this morning, I took a stroll out the door to take the redbox movies back that we rented yesterday. I was kid free, she was hanging with H4L, and I was already plotting what kind of cool jams I was going to listen to on the short drive. I discovered my drivers side door open and thought, "Oh crapola, I left the door open all night. Poo! H4L is gonna be so mad at me. hope the car starts." Then it hit me. I didn't drive the van at all yesterday. Hmmmm...

I then peered in the vehicle and found that it had been ransacked, my few belongings strewn everywhere throughout the front seat. I also took notice that the passenger door was also wide open. Nice! Luckily no physical damage was done to the car. None of our belonging were stolen. I mean I really don't leave anything in the van anyway, well except my coupons, which they did rummage through and left in a mess, BRATS! I mean I guess if they needed some coupons, some stale goldfish and a week old grocery shopping list that my hot mom ride was the way to go. However it does not appear that is what these thief's were after. These guys seemed to be on a mission for cash and weapons only. Electronics and CD's were left in plain site in my car and H4L's and nothing was taken. We also discovered the little thief's hit over 50 cars in our neighborhood last night too. Seems they were only on the hunt for cash and weapons and left minimal damage to all vehicles.

I guess it is a good thing that nothing was taken and that minimal damage was done. But we still feel incredibly violated. The nerve, balls, audacity these people have creeping through our personal possessions, our personal property, so close to where my daughter, myself and H4L lay our heads down to sleep. I mean I am now terrified of what they may do next. Will they try and enter homes next? Will Baby DIVA be safe at night? Will they hit our cars again doing damage the next time?

After speaking with fellow neighbors and police I discovered this is not the first time this has occurred in our neighborhood, in our circle even. 3 weeks ago a very similar incident occurred to just as many vehicles in the circle. I had no idea. I was quite disturbed by not knowing this was going on in my neighborhood and sent a letter to the HOA immediately. I am hoping we can put a stop to this NOW!

It really bothers me that my fellow neighbors and I have to worry about of personal property, possessions and selves in the privacy of our own homes. It freaks me out thinking about how to keep my precious daughter protected from these individuals who take from other people, so clearly criminal manner. I hate that this has happened in our world, but I am thankful that there is no significant damage and that we are all safe.

Remember no where is safe anymore. Not even your own home.


  1. Scary! Yucky! I'm so sorry that happened! I tend to be trusting. Must be careful.

  2. Thanks Kristy. It was not our finest hour. We are taking action and working with neighbors and the HOA to prevent it occuring again.


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