Tuesday, August 24, 2010

School Pick up line battles

Okay Moms! What is the freaking deal in the school pick up line? Are you seriously that anxious to get your child that you have to crash into one another? Get a grip dude! Enjoy the extra 60 seconds of car silence. Or tot screams, whatever the case may be in your hip mom ride.

I spent the summer with my fabulous big kid "rentals", Video dude and Sassy gal. Now, as back to school has arrived, I have the pleasure of spending more time with these fantastic kids. Every morning and afternoon we enjoy each others company as I tote them to and from school in my hip mom ride. I think it is awesome getting to hang with them pre and post class and its also practice for me in the upcoming years.

Yesterday was Day 1 of the 2010-2011 academic school year. Also day 1 of the school pick up line. You know what I am talking about moms. You have been there right? Well, ME, a first timer to this chaotic line, knew going into it that this week will be a bit less than organized. New kids, New school, First time parents doing the drill, I fully expected this crazy afternoon hoopla. What I did not expect was the CRAZY MOM BATTLES and F U type behavior displayed by other moms in their own hip mom rides in the race to sit and wait for their kids. WOW is all I can say.

Let me tell you about Day 1 afternoon pick up. H4L and I arrived at the school at 2:33pm. A lovely little letter taped to the "you must go this way" cones advised us we were unable to be in line until 2:35pm and please leave until said minute. So we did. We drove off around the block. During our little block run, the line begin to form as 2:35pm sharp came. So we slipped into line, or so we thought. Going by the map we accidentally went in the K-1 line instead of the 2-4 line. We made an adjustment in the parking lot and steered to the 2-4 line. We assumed we would slowly merge into the 2-4 line once the kids were released. I mean i was expecting to take over hip mom rides #7 spot I promise. I fully expected to be let in in a slow merge type way.

BOY WERE WE WRONG. We started a major feud in the parking lot. Holy Toledo these moms went ballistic. Slamming their cars into gear and flooring it the whole 2 inches into the back of the hip mom ride in front of them. Seriously! I am not kidding. Three (EVIL) mom rides would not let us in and in fact were so adamant about it that they preferred to get so close to one another that their cars touched back to front. AMAZING. I was stunned. H4L was furious. He yanked his seat belt off and was about to go and "discuss" the situation with these "I was here first" moms. I talked him down of course.

I guess some vindication did come however a few moments later when the "leader of the pack" of these moms had a car back up into her because she was in the way. AWESOME. And I was also found myself gloating a tad when my Big Kid rentals were escorted to my hip mom ride, 4 cars back before the EVIL mom rides kids were escorted out. HA! Take that Bitch!

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  1. Karma! It is crazy in the line. I have done it for 2 years, but thankfully mine will be riding the bus this year. (I didn't want her to, but between gas prices and the fact that she would get home at the same time if not a few minutes earlier than me picking her up...and she wants to...who can argue)


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