Thursday, August 26, 2010

Savvy Tot School: Colors

I told you a few weeks back that I was starting to expose Baby DIVA to Savvy Tot School again. I mentioned she had a basket of activities and could go and choose what she wanted to "learn" whenever she felt the urge. Well she is still digging her basket. She wanders over from time to time and picks out a prize. I have been adding to her little basket too and thought I would share some of our recent activities.

We have several matching and color exercises. I took some craft foam and attached the cutout print outs and covered the whole thing with contact paper. I found the foam provides a nice easy grip for Baby DIVA and then contact paper prevents her from eating her learning tools and tearing them to shreds. Both games she enjoys to do of course.

Here is the Crayons matching/coloring game. she can match the colors now and the words as she grows.

And here is the egg matching coloring game. Here Baby DIVA can work on her color matching skills as well as coordination in placing pieces together.

Baby DIVA loves both of these games and I often stash them in the diaper bag and we play at doctor appointments, waiting for food at restaurants or any other time a distraction is called for.

Another simple color exercise we have been doing involves toys and distinguishing between colors. A few months ago, Hobby Lobby had these fabulous bright colored metal buckets on sale for 50 cents. I picked up yellow, blue and green. Baby DIVA and I now use these buckets to sort her toys. Blue toys and trinkets in the blue bucket, Yellow toys and trinkets in the yellow bucket, and next week we will introduce green. So Far she is really picking up on this and loves to help pick up her toys. So not only is she learning colors and sorting, but she is learning to be a tidy neat freak too! Yippeee! It has been quite fun walking around the house Baby DIVA toting a bucket nearly as big as she is, filling it up, together, with toys of the corresponding color. I am really enjoying watching her learn and grow and treasure the moments we have together doing so.

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