Wednesday, August 18, 2010

No more dishes!!!

Sometimes I feel like a spoiled brat. In the age we live in we have appliances and devices to do just about everything for us. We have machines to curl our hair, machines to wash our clothes, boxes that keep our food cold, Flat boxes that hang on the wall and keep our minds captivated, the list can go on and on. Our parents and grandparents has to do a lot of these tasks by hand so to speak, and we as a society now could hardly imagine doing something like washing dishes BY HAND.
There is this one simple machine, that some may take for granted, some may not even think twice about, and some might not use so they can be "green". A machine that we don't have to have in our world but it sure does make life a little simpler. A machine that I have spent the last 6 months without, thinking I was being environmentally friendly.

The machine I speak of is The dishwasher.

The last 6 months our dishwasher has been broken. At first it wasn't a big deal. I simply conserved electricity and water and hand washed all of our dishes. I felt great. I was being a little green and helping out my friend mother earth. I felt in control of the amount of soapy scum and chemicals that were being shoveled into my family's mouth each day from our dishes. And then some more time passed. And more time passed. And then my fridge stopped being cold. Dang it! I had to call the repair folks to come and get this thing taken care of. I mean Baby DIVA has got to have cold milk and hot dogs for goodness sakes! I mean seriously! And why they are out I might as well have them take a look at that contraption there in the kitchen, perhaps I may need it in the coming months.

A quick call this morning to Mr. Fix It , and a an hour and a half later the lovely gentleman showed up at my house to fix my catastrophe. I was quite impressed with their punctuality and their quick response to my huge emergency. However, this is how I came to find out just how dumb some of us less than machine friendly people are AKA me. My personal Mr .Fix it technician diagnosed and fixed my problem in a matter of moments, on both handy little machines.

Problem with fridge: The freezer channel froze over, defrost it. Problem fixed.
Problem with dishwasher: The timer was stuck.

SIX MONTHS!!! SIX MONTHS!! I have been slaving over dirty dishes. Dipping my hands in nasty dish water and hand drying and...UGH!! Because the timer was stuck!!! L-O-S-E-R! Forget being green, I don't have to wash dishes anymore!! HOT DIGGITY DOG!

YEP! my friends, I am a DUMBASS!! Fortunately for me the lovely repair man didn't laugh...too hard. He fixed my problem, collected his dough, and bid me farewell. "Call again Mrs Pink Haired Momma, if you find any more problems.". Ya I am sure he wants me to call again. I basically handed him money. Maybe next time I can pay him to come open a window.

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  1. I would just die without my dishwasher! LOL I have a family if 5 and babysit during the week. No way am I giving up my dishwasher ;)


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