Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A refreshing sneak

I hate water. Its bland and boring. So not something that a PINK haired momma would desire. But I guess I am a bit a of a hypocrite, because as I slam more Green Monster from a snazzy goblet, I harp on the kids to drink more water, because it is good for them. You know the ropes: Do as I say not as I do. Teehee

So last week I attempted to make a refreshing treat to add to water, in hopes of getting not only the kids to drink it but me too. I took fresh blueberries and placed about 3-4 in each cube of an ice tray. To each cube I also added a splash of lime juice and a dribble of honey. Filled the tray with water and froze. A few hours later the refreshing cubes were popped into all of our water glasses...


Not a drop left. SCORE! A refreshing sneak!

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