Friday, August 6, 2010


Baby DIVA is not all that interested in coloring. The girl loves to evidence by the numerous pictures I have collected of her entire body covered from head to toe in anything you can imagine. Paint, Pudding, Yogurt, Mashed taters, Marker. That's my girl!!

I don't know if she will ever be a crayon color in the coloring book kind of gal. H4L picked up a GIANT coloring book to try and stimulate her senses. FAIL. I have given her all kinds of papers, coloring books, dry erase boards, chalk boards, drive ways, and honestly she could care less.


She could care less that is until she finds a lonely little crayon that was playing hide n go seek under that couch, from Pink Haired Momma and the ziploc it lives in. Well Baby DIVA's painters hands grabbed a hold of that lonely little crayon and found her muse...she went to town on my tile floors.


Awesome! Luckily since I border on being a helicopter mom, she was only allowed to get creative for a mere moment or so before the muse was put to rest. Not too much damage done at all. Tears and fits ensued as the lonely crayon was reunited with his kin folk. Boo hoo. Hours later there was still no interest in crayons. Oh well. I guess we will bust out the paint in the yard again.


  1. i had that with my eldest just after i painted his room!!!!!!! not happy, he snuk it up to his room, needless to say offending crayon now locked away lol

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