Monday, August 16, 2010

Parents Night Out

You will never believe what happened to H4L and I this weekend! We had our FIRST ever night out alone since Baby DIVA was born. Grandma came over and spent the night with our DIVA, while we hit the town and stayed out all a hotel that is.

A comedian that both H4L and I find pretty funny, Carlos Mencia , came to our great city of Houston for one night and one show. He held a midnight showing at a local comedy club, Improv Houston . And let me tell you what, as a momma who has been out of the party goers loop for a few years, sporting PJ's as fancy dress at the local wal-mart, and tucking into bed no later than 10 pm on Friday nights, staying up for a show that began at midnight was a doozie. However keeping myself and H4L entertained and giggling by watching the youngin's strut their stuff in some killer heels, bling and attitude was more than enough fun to keep the old eyeballs propped open. We had the privilege of watching a chick sulk when the dude she was lusting after ran into possibly ummm his girlfriend. Ooops. We also enjoyed watching a young gal, who I might add did have some cool long triple color hair, gallivant all over the Imporv lobby out on a mission looking for someone anyone to be her friend and buy her a drink. Oh and lets not forget the fabulous guy in line beside us, who after the 2 hours we stood in line, our line neighbor hitting the bar about every 10 minutes, no longer could speak and yet continued to try. I do believe without this comic relief I may have curled up on the floor in my fashionable animal print dress and pink hair and took a snooze.

So anyway, H4L and I left Baby DIVA for the night. The first night ever. We were slightly panicked of course, as any parent would be. I expected full out tears and tantrums and that was just from me and H4L. Turns out SHE could care less. A quick wave and "bye" from Baby DIVA as she trotted off to grandma after shutting the door on our faces, left me feeling abandoned by my toddler. Saddened. What have I done wrong that she doesn't care that I am gone. Who am I kidding? That only lasted a moment and we were FREE!! After we checked into the hotel, a few phone calls possibly might have been made to check on Baby DIVA. Secretly I was hoping my tot was miserable without me. In reality she didn't even notice I was gone.

H4L and I broke our no eating out for the month of August challenge rule, just for this special occasion. I figured the night was worthy of the break in our challenge. A whole night without our child. A date for just me and H4L, yes cheating on our meal challenge was a necessary endeavor. We dined at Red Robin and started out with this lovely treat.

I must say it was incredibly fabulous to dine on a meal before it became cold and to not have to scrub the floor before leaving the restaurant. I had no idea burgers were so good warm and who knew that one could walk out of a place without crumbs dropping off them as that go. I appreciate the tiny things. Oh and of course it was amazing to have a full uninterrupted conversation with my husband. I almost forgot what that was like.

Carlos Mencia finally appeared on stage and began his comedic routine. The small cozy atmosphere of the Improv provided us with a very intimate view of Mencia. Although some folks may find him offensive, I believe he is honest and hysterical. He takes real life issues, real life drama from our world and puts humour on thoughts and visions the average person may have but is constrained by societal rules to ever blurt out loud. It was kind of refreshing to have a laugh at these issues knowing no repercussions would ensue. And what was even better, was doing so along side of my wonderful husband, toddler free!!

All in all this was an amazing Parents night out. A big thanks to my mom, grandma, for helping us make it happen. We needed the break. We needed the laughter. We needed the alone husband and wife time.

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